Which type teleprompter are you use?

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Which type teleprompter are you use?

Hello dear colleagues


I want to ask  which type teleprompter use?

I have experience with this BestView T1 prompter


but it is small, and when I read the text, it either goes quickly to the bottom or goes slowly, in general, it does not work very well, but I want to read and so that it would be convenient.

The prices for prompters are different and 1 k and 2 k, as for me it's a lot.


Want to know who and which type teleprompter use in instructor community?


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I have heard good reviews of Glide Gear linked to an IPad or phone.



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MagiCue Studio 15" Prompter Kit with Hard Case MAQSTUDIO15K

Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer

Which ever teleprompter you choose, I suggest downloading an app called Prompt +... The app is free but has limitations unless you purchase the pro version, which is about $15 CAD. With this app you can control font size, scroll speed, import/edit scripts from other programs. I use this on my phone and it works brilliantly.

I don't write a script so I don't use a teleprompter. I write outlines and diagrams which I place in PPT for prompting my brain. I use a tripod desk that I place my laptop on and then advance the PPTs with a clicker (not the right word, but you know what I mean.) See https://www.intension-design.com/tripodtable.


Lawrence M. Miller

I use a Glide Gear TMP50 teleprompter with my Canon M50 and the Prompt Smart app on my cell phone for my scripts. 








I use a Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter attached to my DSLR - just $79 and does the job nicely.

The best app I've found it PromptSmart Pro. It listens to you as you speak and automatically adjusts to your speed - even if you speed up, slow down or pause. You can also go off script for a bit and it will patiently wait you're back and then carry on. It's brilliant 95% of the time, which I find is more than enough for me.

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I use the Padcaster Parrot as well!

That's really helpful. Thanks for sharing. 

I agree with, Mark. PromptSmart Pro rocks!

If you are expert in your domains, then outlines are enough to remember. Natural way of presentation is enough and student like to hear what you are and be with it.

I'm a new instructor, and I had to buy most of my course gear. To avoid overspending, I normally start assessing the cheapest options, leveling up in case the quality is not good enough for the outcome I desire. 


In case of the teleprompter, I settled for the cheapest option. I bought the Pronstoor/Ambitful teleprompter. Be warned: the case is made of plastic, and the reflective glass is made of plastic as well. Only the adapter ring is made of metal. But it gets the job done. After all, I only needed something to reflect the text from my iPhone. I recorded my videos with a Canon 80D and I started to see the black borders only at 20mm approx., so a pretty wide angle.


I bought the package with the Bluetooth remote control included and only paid 25€, so an excellent value for money in my opinion.



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I am cheap and also use a Parrot Telemprompter, attached to a DSLR I had anyhow. Generally the only lectures I actually script are the promo video and maybe section intro videos, so it's not something I use often.

If you are just getting going learning how to present to a camera and practicing with a Webcam on your laptop, you can make a full script teleprompter that you control the scroll using a mouse with a wheel (can't usually hear it at all) using MS Word for example as your teleprompter.

1. Type out the script

2. Enlarge the font and double or triple space

3. View the document in full screen read mode to clear all the tool bars

4. Scroll with your mouse wheel so no clicks are heard

HINT: If you wear glasses put word in BLACK MODE so your screen does not reflect on your glasses.

Now practice. Even though you see your eyes shift back and forth while reading its a great way to practice. Like what you see? You're ready to level up to the great suggestions the Udemy pros offer here. 


Any suggestion on font size and

the computer distance?!😶

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