i am struggling with screen recording math videos (khan academy style)

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i am struggling with screen recording math videos (khan academy style)

I use mac and bamboo tablet(basic one) to write on.

I record using zoom recording, but its not working very well for me.


Does anyone have a better/more efiicient way of recording?

My handwriting is not improving even after lot of practice, do i need to get a tablet with display?


By the way i have ipad with apple pencil which writes great but problem with this setup is ipad does not show pointer on screen which is very essential 😞


I am stuck and desperately looking for better solution to this, any suggestions are welcome.


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Hi @YogeshPrabhu, not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I found a tool that you might want to explore and see if it works for what you want to accomplish. You can find more info here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCOuu0-o5YI Otherwise, hopefully, we'll bump up the post to see if someone else can give us some ideas. 🙂


Abbie Reyes
Udemy Community Team

Hi, i am a math teacher. I write using bamboo writing pad and record my math lectures using zoom whiteboard.


The problem is, my hadwriting is not as smooth as i see in some other videos like khan acadmey even after a lot of practice. also i can not get a dark background for videos.


Can any one suggest better alternative to this?


PS: ipad with apple pencil works great but that does not have the pointer on the screen while writing 😞


Hi, thanks for your reply 🙂


Although its a nice solutions, this is not something i am looking for as this is too expensive to put together.


I am just looking for some digital whiteboard i can write on, just how i write on paper! And the most efficient way to achive that is what i am looking for

I made sample video couple of days ago. I used cheap tablet" Wacom"


It went well. You will need to adjust the tablet dimension to the place you write in on the screen. I use smart draw and also SketchBook, both free. I use Camtasia for recording, it is very nice and equiped with Camtasia Studio for editing with is easy and great for this purpose. I think You can get it with discount if you are a udemy teacher (used to be like that, not sure how it goes now)


Here are also some videos to help you handle the tablet/screen setup and don't get siappointed, it takes sometime to get used to it and do it freehand.



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