August Feedback Thread: Give & Get Feedback on your course

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August Feedback Thread: Give & Get Feedback on your course

For those of you who have been here a while, you may remember that we used to have a monthly thread where you can ask for feedback and share your feedback with your fellow community members. Well, we have good news!


We are bringing this back!


In the spirit of community, it’s always helpful to hear from other instructors on how you can improve your course content. This thread will serve as your opportunity to solicit feedback on specific aspects of your course. 


Before you share your course content, check out our self-promotion policy and read these quick guidelines:


  1. Be specific. Share what you’re looking to improve or things you’re concerned about so your fellow instructors can provide targeted feedback.
  2. Upload content directly. Whenever you can, directly upload a video or course outline to our platform so it’s easier for other instructors to check it out.
  3. Don’t share course links or instructor coupons. This is a space to share and receive feedback, not sell to other instructors. If you want to reference a course, share the full name of your course without linking it. Instructors can find the course by clicking on your community profile and going to your instructor account on Udemy.
  4. Pay it forward. If you’re asking for feedback, look over someone else’s course and give them some feedback too! Always try to give more than you ask for.

We hope this feedback thread can help you create even better courses!

11 Replies

Hello, everyone!


I am new to the Udemy instructor game, I created a simple cooking course on Jamaican cuisine (Jamaican Cuisine 1).  It got 0 traction.  Despite it not being amazingly aesthetic, I know the content is reliable.


I would love feedback from some of you if you are truly interested in trying Jamaican cuisine.



First off the good:


- I love your profile picture, you look warm and friendly!

- I am not a fan of greenscreen but yours makes a lot of sense

- Your sound in the intro video is great, but there is a lot of background (bird?) in the second.  Audacity will remove some of that and it's free.   

- I am not very familiar with Jamaican cuisine so some more general ideas are below

- I like how you mentioned vegetarian, vegan options, ingredient swaps if necessary, and the cultural background to the cuisine.


Some tips:

- 33 minutes is very short, too short.

- For a cooking course I expect to see some cooking!  I want to see more; ingredients up close, explanation during the process, how you learned it, what it tastes like, show me the process of cooking, adding things to a pan, plating the food- make me hungry and wanting to head to out eat! 

- It's a bit ad hoc, I don't expect a full script for a cooking video but some of this seems too casual and off the top of your head, "what else do I need to tell you" and "what did I say?" could be removed in editing if needed as well

- The landing page is a bit short 

  • Cooking delicious food from Jamaican cusine
  • Learn how to make three tasty meals to feel like you are in Jamaica 
  • Make yourself an amazing Jamaican breakfast, lunch, and dinner to enjoy
    It's a good start, I would work on making it longer at least an hour and although you are a better cook than I am, one recipe video edited could be 10-15 minutes easy, and be sure if your plan is to share recipes is to include them in the supplemental material piece. 10 recipes could be a course that is 1.5-2 hours, include more visuals, live cooking content, and clean up some audio and I think you are good to go!
Alicia Paz M.A, QMHP

Thank you for your helpful feedback.  


I will work on creating another course.  It was a lot of work recording and editing, so it may take me a while to do another.


Take care. 

Yeah, the recording editing piece takes me a long time, for every 1 hour of completed content I spend 15 or so to get there.  The audio sounds great, which is often the one thing students critique most.  

Alicia Paz M.A, QMHP

@AndieH876 I watch a ton of Jamaican YouTube cooking videos and cook.
- Make your title longer. Highlight either your food science degree there or that you include history. Cooking 1 makes it seem too basic. I would not use 1 or 101.

- Consider adding an introduction video (free viewable) going into more detail 

- Alkaline eating is the main reason new people come to Jamaican cooking (whether alkaline body makes sense or not). Having a recipe or a how to on that would do really well.

It does take time editing videos but you will get faster as you continue. Udemy students expect to see a large amount of videos listed. Be sure to mention you answer questions to help them with their new skills.

Hello everyone,


I didn't find the September feedback post, so I'll post it here.


I'm a veteran of Udemy's Portuguese Community but just a beginner in the English community.


So, last week I launched my first course in English, called "Introduction to programming for Bioinformatics with Python" (it's free for now).


This course is an English version of the original Portuguese course (which has more than 80,000 students enrolled). However, I am not a native English speaker. So I'm not quite sure about my accent (spelling or pronunciation). Could you all send me some feedback about my course?


I really appreciate any help you can provide.




Hi Diego,


I don't see the new thread either, but happy to give feedback here.  


Introduction to programming for Bioinformatics with Python

Learn Python programming for biological data manipulation and scientific research


It's easy to understand you, and I like how you start with a short bio- it shows you know your stuff!  The audio is clear, and although I know 0 about Python, I clearly understood what you were saying.   You have many courses under your belt with great reviews, so you already know what you are doing.  The course may be a little short for a Python course which is very competitive in English, but for free it's good.


Good luck! 

Alicia Paz M.A, QMHP

Hi @AliciaPaz 


Thank you! 😉

Hi @Bella  

Will be released a "September Feedback Thread"?

Hi Diego! Of course, we will be having the September Feedback Thread later this week, stay tuned! 😊


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community 

Hi @diego, just wanted to let you know that our September Feedback Thread is here - better late than never. 😁

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