Course Image - how much is too much?

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Course Image - how much is too much?

Abbie wrote: "As a general rule, you may use text in an iconic way such as a logo or product name related to the course. I'd suggest, however, you reach out to for more details or specifics about your individual situation."


I recently had THIS image rejected:




But I have seen many courses with far more text than this. So my question is, is ANY text too much?

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Hi @ChrisBankes120 


As @Abbie mentioned, it's best to ask the policy team at They will gladly clarify this for you! 

I did ask them and now I am totally confused - I hope you can help.


This is what they said in feedback:


Udemy research has found that course images containing text are less successful. 
Please update your image and resubmit at your earliest convenience.


oK that is very clear.

THEN later they wrote to me (after I had paid someone to delete all text) that it was not about text. I have asked them to explain answers.


TWO months ago they accepted this which I now realise is totally against their I really do not know what to think!


Look at this image:


aware-1353780_1920 (1).jpg


@MariaG   just to let you know that I have now had a reply from Udemy. In answer to my question:


Also 2 months ago you fully accepted my course image attached to this email and yet I now know it is totally against your policies - so why was it accepted? I have now changed it. My concern is I may break your policies unwittingly and then suddenly lose out.


The answer was: Thank you. We will take action as per our policies.


I have already received 'one strike' as my very vague Educational Announcement contravened policies - and yet I have seen plenty of Educational Announcements openly plugging and linking to courses. So I am seeking clarification as I don't want another strike.

It's a real problem with not reading emails. I wrote in to Udemy and asked them what they were doing about GREEN MONDAY.

I received quite a long reply all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So maybe @MariaG if you could find out?

Thank you

Hi @ChrisBankes120 


Relying on the examples of other instructors might not be the best strategy to learning Udemy policy, as you have found. If you see a violation, please highlight it to the team by flagging the landing page or announcement in-product. T&S will follow up as soon as possible. If you see something done by another instructor that you would like to use in your own courses, but think there could be a policy issue - reach out to with the details. The Trust & Safety Team can guide you better if they know what your plans are and what you’re hoping to achieve

@MariaG Maria I have never relied on other Instructors. Please see my message. My concern was that a) I do not get an answer to my question about text and b) a far more 'texted' version was accepted for one of my courses a few weeks ago. I simply do not understand....and no-one answers.


You say T&S will follow up as soon as possible. As I have posted before a year after T&S being told about sales of fake reviews the reviews are still there. But that's not so much the point.


Why was my image refused with the comment about text and yet a previous one rejected and also why was a later email received saying ti wasn't about text! 


Thank you





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