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Hello to everyone! I am new in Udemy and I am building my first course. I am ready to get started, planned everything extremely carefully and my financial goal is 50k of udemy lifetime earning deadline 31.12.2022. I know it's an ambitious goal but I a believer.


I was thinking to create 50 courses and make 100 USD per month each.


Now, I checked the median monthly revenue and I was SHOCKED to see that most range between 20-40 usd per month. 


I think its very low since I need at least 1 month to create a well-created course and reach my 50K goal I would need 1666 course on Udemy!(


I know guys that this is a personal question but could you please share some of your monthly revenue earnings. I would love to know how much you made in 2021 and how many courses you have now on udemy and your monthly revenue earning.


I can't believe it's so low, sorry(


Thanks for your help,




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It's about quality, careful topic selection, and a bit of being in the right place at the right time - not quantity of courses or how much you believe in it. I make about $30-$45K per month from Udemy from about 10 courses, so it's achievable. But the median instructor makes far less. Your goal is possible, but it requires more strategy than "number of courses x median sales price."


Use the marketplace insights tool to identify topics that you are both qualified to teach and have high demand and no existing quality offerings. Investing in a single, comprehensive course in a topic like that will get you closer to your goal than 100 courses in some oversaturated topic with entrenched top-sellers.


Even if you identify such a topic, there is no guarantee for success. There is a dose of luck involved, as well as your own skills as a presenter and as a teacher.


Further complicating matters is that it can take months for a new course to take off, especially your first few courses. As you build up more of an audience, it becomes easier to launch new courses because you have more people to market them to via Udemy promotional announcements. But at first, it's a game that requires perseverance and patience.


Instead of committing to a $50,000 goal and potentially setting yourself up for disappointment, I suggest a different approach. Do your best to identify topics with high demand and low quality offerings that you can teach. Study the existing top selling courses in those topics. Do they have an insurmountable lead on number of reviews, or is it possible to overtake them? If the latter, you have a decent shot of overtaking it and achieving something closer to the top amount per month for that topic instead of the median - if you put in the time to create a course that is substantially more comprehensive and engaging than the ones that currently exist. Bonus points if you choose a topic that is relevant to businesses, as inclusion in Udemy Business can be a big deal for further boosting your revenue and audience.


I think such a course will take more than one month to create, especially if you're not doing it full time. But budget the time to create it, and don't give up on the first one - at least launch two, so you can do some cross-promotion between them. Then, a few months after your second course has launched, assess where you are. By that point you should have a good indication as to whether $50K/ year on Udemy is attainable for you, and you can set a realistic goal. If not, that's OK - try something else. For me, Udemy was one of many different ventures I tried for self-employment, and it happened to be the one that stuck. For you, it might be something else. You don't know until you try.


Hello Frank,

thanks so much for your extensive answer and congratulations for your success! I think your success is due to intelligence and a deep voice. It's very pleasant to listen to you!


Thanks again!




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