IT subjects what is the real earning potential

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IT subjects what is the real earning potential

Hello i'm a computer science entusiast . i thought to create course , the subject is IT  developing specially networking cybersecurity , but this isn' what i woudl like to get better understanding of .

1) it seems the earning potential from these courses is huge , maybe is me who is poor anyway.

but the most rated courses if you multiply the students who attended the course with the euro it cost worth millions of euro , staying to a realistic target for me underrated courses than show up in the 4th 5 th pages  are still worth thousands minimum . thats impressive for me that at the beginning i was making tutorials on you tube getting like 100 views .

This makes me quite skeptical of the actual organisation that a person need to complete a course and publish it so here are the questions about:

1) after you created a course you are automatically  allowed to post it on udemy at zero cost ? or they review courses and then submit the suitable, i know about the minimum requirement in term of hours of teaching ecc.

2) taking as example one of the most common topic to write about : developing with python , but can be anything.  assuming my course is 20 hours long how much time you think it will take for me to create it from the beginning ? two months ?

3) how much is promotion important i mean, first thing, i am actually an employee far from starting being a full time instructor relying solely on udemy as income .

being active on social media like linkedin instagram creating my one page site , you tube ecc... is really important since the beginning where you have posted only one or two course or become relevant only when you already have different assets established .

4) what about reupdating your course ( which sounds tremendously boring btw ) in the matter of IT especially updating is something really continuuos and a big burden or once the course is done you generally don't need to care of it much.

5) what are the most important tools needed for this job.

of course a microphone but i thought that i only need a microphone camtasia and patience , something else ???

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  • Your assumption that all Udemy courses sell at listed prices as seen publicly are misplaced. I request you go over these forums in depth. All your questions have been answered in past.
  • In short, the quick passive income strategy is no longer valid in the saturated topics.
  • Use the marketing insights tool to understand the details around the low median earnings of most courses.
  • Please use the getting started links about course creation in the teaching center. You will benefit by reading pinned posts on all the boards/forums as well.

Hope this helps.

Hello 👋 @PaoloCapra046 

Some answers from my experience: 

1. When you submit your course, udemy will review it. If there are necessary changes, they will tell you. You will make the changes and resubmit for approval. No cost to you.

2. Time….sounds like a long class….perhaps look at requested topics HERE to get ideas and create a unique niche.

3. I find value in Udemy for Business. Once your class is on there, it gets great exposure. You promote the course through all your channels hoping people find value, take it, give it high ratings….so it meets criteria for the business platform and is promoted. Some notes: 

My courses haven’t been selected for Udemy Business. How can I have my content reviewed so I can qua...

There is no manual way to submit your courses for Udemy Business review. Our team performs regular updates to identify courses on that meet our baseline criteria and decide if they should be added to the Udemy Business collection. Our dynamic curation model is based on: ratings and reviews to signal quality and relevance, instructor quality based on a demonstrated record of student satisfaction, and global consumer demand in the form of learner data and customer requests.

4. I add bonus lectures as updates emailing students letting them know the reason for the lecture. 
5. External microphone 🎤 , &  🎥 camera, with editing software. I use iMovie on my Mac. 

Hope this helps and good luck!


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