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Intro vid vs Promo vid

Hi guys!


I'm about to launch my my first course and have been watching the excellent udemy how to courses to guide me 🙂


From what they say in the 'udemy how to create a course' course, they say that a course intro should:

> make a really good first impression

> hook the student within the first 15 minutes to want to do more of the course

> give a quick intro and then get right into the content

> not summarise what is in the course section by section!

> give overview of what the student willl learn (without going into lots of details)

> address what they will be able to do by the end of the course

> tell the student about you as the instructor and why you are qualified to give the course

> show how this course will be fun and engaging


So I have have followed the above to the letter as it is fantastic advice! 🙂


My question is when I started researching how to make the best promo video, the following guidelines came up:



1. Must have a good image placeholder
2. One sentence intro and tell them why you credible instructor
3. Benefits & what student will be able to do after
4. Explain how the course is designed
5. Ideal student description


I have the image placeholder, but for the rest of it there seems to be a lot of overlap between the intro video and the promo video?


Can I just do one video hitting all the points, an duse as a promo and intro video? 


I'm all about the student experience, and it would be great if they have watched the promo vid, then they can get straight into the content and the real value!


Apologies, long post, I guess my question is - is there there any disadvantages or reasons why an instructor couldnt use their promo vid as their intro vid?


P.s. I'm only planning on using a short 2-3min intro vid and then getting straight into the content.


Any help would be massively appreciated!!!! :-_



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Salil Dhawan
Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Ideally promo video is to capture attention and intro video is to take that attention towards the desire side where we are closing the sale. Promo video is what gets the student to start clicking around to learn more, whereas the intro video should completely describe the course and in essence answer all their questions about what they will learn in this course. I have used the same video in a course where I was too lazy but my conversion is better in courses where there are 2 separate videos.

Thanks for the info Salil 🙂

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Definitely have a great promo followed by lecture 1. You look lazy otherwise and it confuses many prospective students @PaulMurphy241 . My other tip is give them something practical to achieve/do straight up in the previews. This way they get a sense of how they will be implementing what they are learning. This tactic has worked very well for me. 

Sharon Ramel
Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess of the Blue Rose

Thanks so much Sharon! 🙂


I mention activities in my promo vid now!


Very much appreciated!!! :-))))



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