Is there a way to promote my course on Udemy?

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Is there a way to promote my course on Udemy?

Hi! I have recently launched my drawing course, and I want to promote it so that many people can discover it and buy it. So I was wondering if there is a way to promote my course on Udemy. If yes, how?





Ps: if you could check my course too to encourage me, it would be great 🙂

Thank you in advance



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Hey Amelia, I am not into drawings, but going through the course all i can say that you have a very nice course and  I am sure over time, you will grow to be come one of the best seller in your category, this may take time but you will get there. I am also a new instructor, yet to publish a course but working on publishing one, i will advice you apply for udemy promotions and also promote the course yourself any way you can. 

Give out free coupons to groups either on Facebook or telegram (there a loads of groups that needs free udemy coupons code), try creating a separate social media page such as twitter and Instagram which will be different from your personal page which will be meant solely for your course. And the last step is to be patient as growth on udemy is exponential and slow, but if you have a good course and can pretty push it a bit, you will get there. 

I wish you the best Amelia, see you at the top  

Thank you Abefe!

And i have to say, i love your intro, the sound quality and the delivery. It was all perfect.

Can i know the mic and recording set up that you used for your screencast??

Infact, can i know what your setup is in general ??


Thanks, Abefe! Actually, you'll be very surprised 😉


To record my videos and my voice, I used only my phone! (a Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 MRD-LX1)


To record my voice, I record it with a free app called "Hi-Q (free)" (the logo is a white background with a blue microphone). (I record at night when there is no noise) I just put my phone somewhere still and at the level of my mouth (for the height) just a little far from my mouth so that it records well.

And then I edit my voice a little with Audacity (which is a free well known audio software)

Here are the settings that I used (note that the settings can differ depending on the audio quality and voice). Sometimes "Noise Reduction" and "compress" can be enough...

quora voice settings.jpg


To record my videos, I also used my phone as I told you. I used a phone holder like this one to hold it on top of my paper where I would draw:

quora phone holder.jpg

As well as I little ring light like this one:


So what I did when I wanted to record myself drawing, is that I would turn on the light plus the ring light.

(Before recording, a little trick that I learned the hard way... is that before I start to record, I would touch my finger on the screen multiple times so that my camera can adjust the lighting and focus on my drawing. Then, when satisfied, I would press my finger to lock the exposition light and focus of my camera. This means that when I will move my hand the camera won't suddenly change the lighting, become blurry, etc.


For the video editing, I used Wondershare Filmora9


For the music, I took it from Youtube Audio Library (which is free)


I wish someone would've told me that when I wanted to create my course. Hope that I Helped you 🙂

Wow, i am really surprised. Infact surprise is an understatement. I also use audacity for my audio, and i have filomra but i use camtasia for my screencast and edit (since my field is more of calculation).

I think i  will look at the filmora once again, it seems to be so good.


I also want to ask, i can see you had some enrolment, how did you get them??

And did you apply for any udemy promotional programs ???


Funny... I also used Camtasia for one or 2 videos lol.


For the enrolments, I built a really strong landing page for my course so that if people search for instance: "best drawing course" in Udemy, I will be on the first page


So for your course, search what are the most searched keywords of your course's topic and make sure that your course's picture is really good. I personally did my course's picture all by myself since I know how to use photoshop. If you do too you can do that as well by comparing the photos of your competitors to get an idea and do better.


Also, I created coupons and posted few comments on youtube on some well-known drawing channels. It kind of worked for a day but then I got blocked as spam. So I wouldn't recommend doing that.


And I just created a space in quora to build an audience:


So that's what I did for now...

oh, wow this is great.

How long did it take you to shoot this drawing course of yours??

And how did you feel when you got your first few enrolments ??


I use a fifine k690 mic, and i am a Nigerian

It took me about 6 months (I have like 11hour of content and more than 45 downloadable resources... ). 


It felt great when people bought my course. It's just a little unfortunate that there are not many yet, but I guess I just need to be patient.


What about your course? What is the topic, and how is it going?

6 months ??, what ??.... That sounds like a lot of time.

Well i am finding my way around my gadgets and i think i can say i am ready to start shooting. I just finished shooting a sample intro video.

Maybe from next week i will start structuring my syllabus and start writing my script. I have followed your space on Quora. 

If you will like to see my sample intro video, kindly drop any social media link handle and i will forward to you.  

If you don't mi 

yep, 6 months...lots and lots of work.


Yeah, I would love to see your intro video. You can send it to this email:

Alright, i will forward it now.

What country are you chatting from??


okay great! when I'll see it, I'll tell you my honest opinion. looking forward!

Sent it already, i think oy should have gotten it 

Yes, I received your video and I sent you back my honest opinion 😉

I'll be waiting for your reply

Take care.

Hey Amelia, In general I feel its better to focus on creating great content for courses rather than spending too much time on external promotion of Udemy courses. Of course do a bit on social media, mailing lists etc but I wouldn't advice spending much (if any) money on it. One of the benefits of being on Udemy is if you have a great course in a area which isn't overwhelemed with competition Udemy will do a great job promoting your course(s) for you. 

Oh, I completely agree with you, Tom. I worked a lot on my course so that it'd be as complete as possible. It took me around six months to finish it! with 11 hours of content and more than 45 downloadable ressources! So it's not a rushed made course that I want to find a way to promote and make money quickly, etc.


Now that my course is finally published, I just wanted to know if there was a good way to promote it effectively on Udemy. That's all...

Hi Amelia,

This is very surprising to me. This is my 1st reply ever to this community as I just subscribed to it as part of my new journey for publishing my 1st online course ever so I am just learning now.

I saw your comment, I read all the replies and I went through your course...

Wow wow wow...Congratulations .


I do have one question for you and since this is your 1st launched course. I noticed the number "893 students" !!! Does that mean you already have 893 who enrolled to you course?


Thank you and wish you all the success.


Finally I must apologize  for answering your question with a question as I am not yet qualified to answer your question 🙂

Thank very much I. Jimean. 

And to answer your question, yes, I do have 893 students. 🙂 

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