Relation between Course duration & Revenue

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Relation between Course duration & Revenue

Hello eveyone!


Hope you are doing well.


I have one more question: Does Course duration effects our course Revenue?


I mean Will I earn more with longer duration course?


Do I need to create a longer course to earn more or it does not matter?


Will be very greatfull for your response. 




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It doesn't matter, at least directly, in general terms.


What determines your revenue is the number of paid students that enroll in your courses (and how much they pay), and, if your courses are included in the Udemy for Business (UFB) catalog, the number of minutes your students watch each month.


For some topics, longer courses tend to sell more, so, it could indirectly affect your revenue, but not necessarily.


Also, in UFB , the number of minutes watched determines your revenue, but a longer course doesn't necessarily mean that your students will watch more minutes.  A long but not engaging course would not make you earn more money from UFB.

Thanks a lot for your response. I am really greatfull for that.


Basically I am VFX Artist and I am creating a Visual Effects Compositing course in which I will teach how to create different VFX Shots for videos.


And this course is not based on 1 project but it is based on 10 different projects and all these projects is not depended on each other. 


Thats mean I am teach to create 1 Effect in 1 project. 2nd effect in next project and ........


So pattern of this course do not demand a longer or shorter course. Its Just my choise I can include 2 project in each course or I can include 20 projects in each course. ITs all up to me.


But I was confused about how many projects should I include? More projects = Longer Course duratin.


What students prefer? Will they buy a longer a course or shorter? What If I include 5 projects instead of 10?   

@veajawad wrote:


What students prefer? Will they buy a longer a course or shorter? What If I include 5 projects instead of 10?   

If there are other courses that cover the same topic and are longer or include more content, then creating several smaller courses might not be the better idea, as most people would prefer to pay $10.00 a single time, instead of buying several courses at $10.00 each.


If on the contrary, your course covers some topic that no other course covers, or does it in a very special way, you might get away with creating several small courses, which in that case could mean more revenue for you.


There is no easy or fail-proof answer to that question, though.


Thanks a lot for your amazing point-of-view. 🙂 

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There isn't a hard and fast rule, obviously what is important is to make every minute count. There is no point making a 15 hour course of content that students take and feel could have been taught in 3 hours, this will lead to low ratings and long term won't work as a strategy. 

However, if you have 15 hours of great content that teaches what the students want to learn then this will be more successful. 

One thing is to look at what competitors are doing, do they have short courses of a project or two per course, do they have courses containing 10-20 projects? What is the value to the student of more projects vs fewer projects or could they learn what they need to learn from fewer projects?

Would a student want to learn everything in the course, or would they be taking the course for a specific bit of learning and would a different student be after a different bit of the information? 

Generally, although again, not a hard and fast rule, longer courses sell better as long as they contain useful content the student wants to know throughout. For example, I've just finished taking a piano learning course on Udemy, it taught lots of things which could have been in separate courses, so it could have taught the basics and then the section on Jazz piano could have been a separate course, the same with classical piano, blues piano, etc. But it was all in one long course, so I chose the long course because I knew ultimately I would want to work through all of these things, so I would rather pay one price for it all than pay for the basic course, then for the other courses separately when the cost on Udemy is usually the same regardless.

So if your competitors have everything in a long course then when people see all the courses at $9.99 each and they see a long course covering everything they want to learn, they will likely take that course because it has everything in it, rather than pay exactly the same price for what is essentially the first module of the long course but by a different instructor. 

It could be that the short course is actually better presented etc, but people do consider how much content they will get for that same payment. If both courses claim to teach exactly the same content but one can do it quickly and the other takes hours, rather than having additional depth to it, then people would be likely to choose the shorter course and learn what they need to know in that shorter period of time.

All the best


Amazing advice. Thanks a lot. I am really greatful for your response. 🙂

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