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Unable to submit course for review

Hello Everyone

Iam new to Udemy and trying to submit my course for review.

I have 9 sections and each section has a video and 1 quiz each but I dont have any practise test.

When I submit the course for review it gives me the message


"You're almost ready to submit your course. Here are a few more items you need.

On the Curriculum page, you must

Have content for all lectures"


And its not letting me submit the course although all sections have been updated with video lectures each. Can anyone please assist why is this happening?

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Hey @SaraHafeez311 

I think you don't need to add practice exercise but if they said then you add 1 practice exercise in your 1 section then check thay Udemy will approve it or not.

@Samreen Nisa Qureshi 

Double check that all video is in a lecture section and not an assignment section of the lecture. @SaraHafeez311 is correct that you don’t have to have practice tests. If that doesn’t work, I would suggest contacting support. 

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @SaraHafeez311 Welcome to the Community 🎉


When you get the message: On the Curriculum page, you must "Have content for all lectures"

First, you need to check each lecture, if there is missing content in one of them, you will see the "+ content" option available in the lecture that is missing it, if is a quiz, you will see the "+ Question" then.


If you still are not able to submit the course for review, send us an email to our Instructor Support Team so we can see the information directly from your account. 


Best of Sucess!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Dr adv cherry kushwaha

Thanks everyone

Turns out I had some quizzes that missed questions that's sorted.

However IAM having trouble updating the sectiona i.e ones I've deleted keeps showing up even when I refresh the page. Not sure why or it's because Udemy takes time to make changes to the curriculum section.

Did you find a fix for this? I have videos, titles and descriptions for all lectures and still getting this message. Very annoying

I still have the same error and yet I do not have practice questions. I have uploaded the videos correctly. Anyone?

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi, @PhilipBitto357@VartanVarta422  I'm here to help you guys! Please check all items in the curriculum, and make sure you don't find "content" as shown in the screenshot, if so, this means there is missing content to that lecture, so you will have to add the video, or article or remove the lecture. Once you have done this you should submit the course for review. 



I did try all and everything what you suggested but unfortunately it is not working, and worse Udemy support team is not responding. I'm still searching for help.





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