Understanding course statistics

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Understanding course statistics

Dear friends, 

Its been a day when my course was published. And I have been improving it as I am getting more knowledge of udemy. 

Please someone explain this bar, though it's self explanatory, but I want an endorsement on what I have understood. And tell me more ways to get the students. 

Please see the screenshots. 


Kind regards 


Dr. Shahzad Waseem Screenshot_20230917_175904_com.android.chrome.jpg

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Prof.Dr.Sha550


First off: Congratulations on publishing your first course!🙌


Also, thank you so much for this great question! It's super important to understand the stats, as this will help you optimize your courses and comprehend your learners better. 


I looked at your stats, and it shows that you had one active learner starting a lecture on the 1st of September who consumed 8.25 minutes of your course content. You can find additional information about engagement data here

You also asked for help in attracting more students to your course: 

We have a good amount of marketing materials in our community; please take a moment to watch some webinars we had with our most experienced instructors:


I hope you find them useful! Please let us know if you have additional questions. 

Thanks a lot for encouraging comments.

Yes I can see one learner. But I started my course just a week ago, not on 1st September. 
And does 1 learner who has learned 8.25, is actually a student?
Fortunately, if he is a student, I can't see any student in my class.
May be it will take 48 hours to update. 
If he is a student, does it mean he has bought my course?.
Anyways, now I have understood a lot with the kind help of the wonderful ppl like you on udemy. 
I wish a good luck to all the udemy courses and  instructors.
I am very excited to see my course being bought and students really learning and happy. 
I hope, I will make more courses in due time if I get good response or even otherwise. 
I am learning the demands of the market. 
Thanks again. 
I would be happy if you could answer about the question of that learner I mentioned earlier.
Kind regards☺️🌷
Dr. Shahzad Waseem 
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