Which social media sites are you using?

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Which social media sites are you using?

Hello Instructor Community!


We are kicking off a new month with a new theme! This month we are talking all about social media. 


In the comments below, tell us which social media channels you are using to promote your courses.

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I am mainly using YouTube and Facebook. I make free tutorials that I post on YouTube to help build an online audience and attract potential students. People are more willing to buy from you if you first give them a chance to experience a part of your product for free.


Also, I have a growing Facebook group where fans discuss ideas and ask questions. I answer their questions and occasionally point them to my courses and other products online.


However, I am not that accomplished. I am constantly learning and experimenting. I hope to grow more and improve my courses.


Facebook & Telegram

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Asad8112 Curious to know more about how you are using Telegram? 🙂

I'm just starting here at Udemy.  I have a YT channel with over 900 subscribers where I post mainly "how to" videos linked to my website.  The website traffic is down over the last 3 years due to the fact that most people are using phones now.  I created a TikTok channel with over 100,000 followers, but once again, it doesn't drive traffic to a website.  Others are compromising with a mix of YT/IG/TT.  I've tried that but I'm not happy with the results. TT works best with overwhelming #s of new media.  Who's got time for that?  IG works best for visually-stunning media, not something music teachers focus on or are good at.  That leaves YT.  I'm hoping something better comes along...

I am mostly using facebook groups, then linkedIN groups and Youtube Channel as well.


I have huge followers on social media. I promote my Udemy courses on the below social media:

1. YouTube channel - 80K subscribers

2. Facebook -> Facebook page - 20K followers, 2 Facebook groups - 150K members

3. Twitter - 30K followers

4. Linkedin - 4.5K followers

I promote on my blog website (1M views per month)

It is worth promoting courses on social media.

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Do you know about how many of those followers have become students?

Hi Frank. Hope you are well. Would appreciate your advice on building an audience. I get a few likes and comments on my socials (Facebook and YouTube) but then it dies off and does not convert. Any tips?


Also how to capitalise on clients on Udemy? How do I nurture them to return and to recommend my courses? Should I do that?


Thank you


Have a lovely day

Wow that's impressive. I get a few likes and a few comments and then it dies off. And I start with a new topic to try to attract some attention. Any tips on how to build an audience?

Hi Bella,

YouTube mainly. Facebook private group, followed by Instagram and Twitter.

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