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It shouldn't be this hard to post a profile picture. Since I can't get any help, I will be publishing my course on YouTube.

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I have never heard, in seven years, of anyone else having trouble posting their profile picture. So, it must be something related to your photo or your computer. I am sure as you have looked around Udemy you haven't seen anyone else's profile turned sideways. 


Is your file a relatively small jpg file?


If you want, email the picture to me ( and I will try loading it as my own profile picture for a few minutes, just to check that it isn't something related to the photo. 


Just trying to be helpful. 

Lawrence M. Miller

Actually, I did see someone's picture turned sideways.

OK. I have been here for seven years and literally seen thousands of profiles and not one was turned sideways. I offered to help. You didn't respond.


Lawrence M. Miller

I had to go to work. Do you expect me to get fired from my job, while I respond to you?

Of course not. But you did respond. 


Good luck. 


Lawrence M. Miller

- None helps me here!

- I offer you my help.

- Don´t make me waste my time!



I'm confused. Are you trying to help me, or are you feeling sorry for yourself?

Hi @KrisBallard997,

I agree with @LawrenceMMiller. It shouldn't be that difficult. Please let us know if we could help.


I don't have as many years here as Larry, but I do see people who "give up" on Udemy before they even get started. And that's sad.


How to fix sideways images: 


Angela Duckworth has a great book called Grit which is worth checking out. It's about what successful people have in common. Developing grit is something everyone should work on if they find stuff like this throwing them off course.

My favorite uncle just died, and my mom and and sister are suffering from Covid. So, you have a lot of nerve, to give me a lecture about grit. I have more grit, than you can possibly imagine. In other words, you need to check yourself, before you criticize others. To be honest, your comment has made it less likely that I will ever publish a course with Udemy.

Ah, I see the problem.

@ScottDuffy I thought you were my senior! 


It seems that the issue of a sideways photo is a very minor issue and not one that would be a reason to give up on Udemy. Rotating a photo is a very simple matter in any editing software. You can even do it in Word. But, I assume the OP issue is that he is uploading a photo that looks right and then somehow turns sideways when he uploads it to his profile. That is a rather mysterious happening. 


Lawrence M. Miller

Maybe he has taken the picture on a smartphone and therefore the smartphone has turned into portrait mode while he shot the photograph. In this case the picture would be turned by 90 degrees and has to be adjusted in a way as shown by the previous writers. This issue would happen on Youtube as well so it makes definately sense to try it again.. 🙂 

I have already published part of my course on YouTube. You can watch it, if you are interested.

@KrisBallard997 We understand you are going through difficult times. If you want our help, first you need to help yourself. It is not difficult problem. Use any photo editing software in PC rotate it and upload again. This is just beginning, we have long way to go.

I fully agree with @SAPBuddy... 


We are here to help you @KrisBallard997..


It is a humble request to be courteous with one and all.. Take care.. ☺

Are you talking about me, or the person who was attacking me, for not having enough grit?

Hi @KrisBallard997, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with this, that's certainly not the experience we want our instructors to have. We understand that this is being more difficult than it should be, so If you prefer, you can send the image to our support team here so they can upload it for you. 


For now, I will be turning off comments in this thread since it hasn't been productive. Thank you for your understanding.


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community 

Your pp looks unique 🙃 Don't change it.

I got my profile picture to work, but now I can't get my course preview video approved.

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