hello how was your august 2021?

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hello how was your august 2021?

how was your august 2021?

did you hit your target income?


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Where are the official Udemy stats?  please 


Like keywords volumes etc...


Thanks in advance for your help 


Best regards 


Hi @EmmanuelSimond, you can see stats on the most popular and trending topics here

Our Marketplace Insights tool will provide you detailed information about the top search keywords for each specific topic. 


Hope this helps!


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community

not yet still working on the first course and you? 😍

wow! thank you for your reply. 🙂 mine so far so good. i feel you with your first course. what i did. i wrote the outline of my course intro. point 1-etc. conclusion. then i record one sitting only one hour course. then i edited it and upload right away. within a day once the outline is ready i shoot the courses in one sitting as i work with momentum. i decided not to overthink and just execute the course, and update the course base on the feedback of the students. 🙂 all the best! may you have a blast this September @Sara9679 ! cheers! thank you for your reply. 

My August sales were far below what I would have expected. After the change of Udemy policy in MAy, I see a 30% drop in my revenues which is very upsetting. I am wondering if this is only my case or more instructors see the same pattern?

oh, is that so, thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂 highly appreciated. i don't have something to compare since i just started last june. @KateAlison017 thank you for sharing again.

I had my best month ever, both revenue and new students, by quite a large margin. 

My best month ever with a large margin too, due to the 10-days promotion and a new course launched. I think it will be difficult to surpass the revenue of August in September

oh great to hear! i rejoice with you sir @GuilhermeMP ! will see with my next month question hope to see there as well. 🙂 cheers! all the best! thank you for sharing!

wow! I rejoice with you sir @RandyMinder ! cheers! all the best! thank you for sharing!

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