$100K Milestone Achieved in 1.5 Years

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$100K Milestone Achieved in 1.5 Years

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to share that I hit the milestone of $100k in 1.5 years.

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 8.55.17 AM.png

When I published my first course, I never thought of reaching this milestone within a very short duration (1.5 years). Credit to Udemy.

I would like to thank Udemy for having an amazing platform for providing online courses.

1.5 years back I took the decision to quit my regular job and started full-time on Udemy.


How I reached this milestone in this short duration?

When my first course was added to UFB, my revenue increased by 75%. Then I started creating and targeting courses for UFB on popular and demanded topics. Out of my 8 courses, 3 courses were added to UFB and these 3 UFB courses generate 75% revenue.


I have a huge audience/followers on YouTube, Blog, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. Initially, as they like my teaching and content so they started enrolling on Udemy.


As I am working full-time as Udemy Instructor, I got enough time to respond to all student's questions, messages, etc. I added sections to the existing courses based on the student's suggestions/requests. So the students were happy with my work and started joining my multiple courses.


There is a lot to share but these are the main highlights.


For new Instructors on Udemy, keep creating awesome content, target your courses for UFB, and be consistent and patient.



Ramesh (Java Guides)

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@Ramesh Fadatare Congratulations! 

Could I know how can your course was selected as UFB?

How can you build a community on FB or Youtube? I am poor at marketing.


Building an audience/followers is a long-term process. If you start a YouTube channel now then it will take a lot of time (for technical content) to get subscribers, views, and revenue.

Create amazing and engaging content leads to gain subscribers and views.

Same for the Facebook groups, it is a long-term process.

Creat a Facebook group, and share useful content in a group so that group members can share in their network.

Thank you for your advices.

Congratulations on this milestone. I would have a few questions.

  1. How do you decide on selecting courses that are targeted towards UFB? Because your niche (java/spring) does not have any listed topics in the UFB priority list. So how do you decide on that?
  2. How much time does it take to pull out an entire course and what does the process look like?

Thanks, @Faisal 

I choose the topics that have more demand in the market. I do take a suggestion from students on which subject or topics they want courses.

There are no specific criteria for UFB. If your course has a good rating, and more conversion rate, and is especially more demanding for UFB customers then probably they will select your course.

My course creation process is simple. I create the projects and divide them into small lectures in proper order. 

Hi Ramesh @Ramesh Fadatare,

Congratulations on a successful accomplishment.

I wish you a continuous success in your courses.


Best regards,

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.

Thank you @Ahmed_Jendoubi 

Your growth is outstanding @Ramesh Fadatare! Congratulations! 

Question --> How much time do you dedicate to your YT channel and all other social media accounts in contrast with creating courses on Udemy? How does your overall day look like? 

Thanks, @Rahul Iyer.

I hardly spent 15 hours a week on YouTube and Social media. I spend more time creating Udemy courses, answering student's questions, and writing blog posts.

Congratulations @Ramesh Fadatare , amazing numbers! Regards, Carlos

Thanks, @CarlosMartinez 

Congratulations  @Ramesh Fadatare  on your incredible success.
Your hard work and perseverance have paid off. 

After reading about your Story and Milestone, it inspires new instructors like me to create more courses.

Sarita Jadhav
(Sarita's TeachDesk)

Thanks, @Sarita_Jadhav 


Hi Ramesh,


Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story!  It's truly inspiring, especially for new starters like myself.  Well done and congratulations on such a fantastic achievement!

Thanks, @KatieDurie514 

Hi Ramesh,


Looking at your courses, you deserve many more milestones. I hope to celebrate more in here, congrats!

Thanks @AtilSamancioglu 

Congratulations man 🌈🌈🌈

Thanks, @dx4iot 

Congratulations @Ramesh Fadatare for this achievement 

@TechiWIZ Thank you

Congrats @Ramesh Fadatare and many thanks for the advices.

Hi @Ramesh Fadatare ,


First of all, congrats on your milestone and thanks for sharing it with the community.


It will be nice to get your thoughts on the following topics.


As I analyse successful instructors, they really tend to create long courses like more than 10h.

And, I get that students also willing to enroll in or pay long courses. So seems it is better to create courses that more contents. However, I also read some articles which says short courses are better because students have desire to complete them. Longer courses are somehow hard to complete.


What do you think about it? How it is looking from your experience? 


Congratulations on completing this milestone.






Congrats. Very Inspiring !!!


Hi All,

Can anyone guide me as to where and how to publish courses?

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