Another 1000 US$ a month [Third 1000$/Month]

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Another 1000 US$ a month [Third 1000$/Month]

Dear Community, @MarinaT, @Bella


We again crossed 1000 US$ revenue for the third time in the month of October 2023 and one step closer to 10k US$ [which is our target for this year]. 😍


Thank you so much for your continuous support and motivation. 👍


Best Regards,

PV Drug Safety Academy



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Leonor C.
Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello @PV Drug Safety Academy 

Congratulations on this huge achievement! That's a big success! Let us know how it goes in the following months and maybe drop by a ste by step of how you managed to get to this great goal!


Kindest regards!



Udemy moderation team

Thank you, sure @Leonor C. 

Felicidades! Son ustedes mi modelo a seguir. Estoy poniendo todo mi esfuerzo para que así sea. Mi admiración y respeto. Y si ha lugar, le pido me brinde el apoyo que haya lugar con un empujoncito a alguno de mis cursos que pudiera interesarle a su amplio público. Quedo agradecido. Mucho éxito y bendiciones¡ 


Dr. Carlos Alberto Báez Montes

Desde México

Thank you @CarlosAlber862 

Congratulations @PV Drug Safety Academy on reaching $1,000 in revenue for the third time and being one step closer to your annual goal.


What tips would you suggest applying to get there?


Thank you @upkaizen 🙂

We have to be consistent in providing value added content with the audience on social media.

Our most of the revenue is from LinkedIn.


That's very inspiring @PV Drug Safety Academy 


Is there a few tips you could share on how you got there? And I am sure out of your 9 courses, probably one, or maybe two account for the majority of the 1K per month, yes?

Thank you @SoyMarketer 😊

Yes, our Bestseller course gives us most of the revenue.

We have to be consistent in providing value added content to the audience on social media. Also, we have to be consistent in creating more and more courses.

We can't solely be dependent on Udemy's promotion. We have to promote our courses as well.



Are your courses added to Udemy Business?

Thank you @Veasna, M. 😊

No, none of the course on Udemy business yet. All revenue is from Marketplace only.

Congratulations. All the best. 

Thank you @Monica2021 😊

Hello @PV Drug Safety Academy 

Congratulation for the big achievement and encouraging us!!

In registatration in Linkedln; you are required to fill the information according to your country ,and after the registration, you are placed according to your society, how can you achive the big achievement of selling worldwide?

Thank you @CENTEROFEXC833 

Good question.

Yes I agree. You can do following things

1. Start regular posts related to your course without advertising course initially and gain the trust.

2. In your posts, always ask for follow if they need such content

3. Join relevant LinkedIn community groups

4. Start networking. Send 10-20 connection requests daily.


Hop this helps.

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