Rookies of the month - May 2019

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Rookies of the month - May 2019

Hey instructors! Back again to share May's Rookies of the Month!


In May, hundreds of instructors just like you published their first course on Udemy. Based on our data, these instructors had some of the best starts. Congrats!


Architecture Post-production in Photoshop by OU Graphics

Blockchain Smart Contract & Frontend Programming (EOS EOSIO) by Peter Keay

JavaScript Masterclass 2019: Modern & Comprehensive by Hemil Patel

Lead Generation Master Course: Build Your Own Business Today by David Lau

Leadership Lessons and Building high performing teams by Stuart Lancaster

Neuroplasticity: Changing your Brain for Improving your Lifeby Laura Andronescu

Organize Your Life For Peak Performance & Peace of Mind by @AsherRubin 

SalesSchool: Sales Training for the Entrepreneurial Business by Jemma Blaylock and Sian Price

Test Driven Development with Java for complete beginners  by @TonyPerrin937 

Ultimate Resume Makeover: Create Worldclass CV Overnight by Waqas Hassan


Let’s take a minute to congratulate these newly published instructors. And remember - pushing “publish” is the starting line, not the finish line!



Udemy Community Manager


PS - Here is the list for last month, if you’re curious:


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Álvaro Chirou.
Technology Expert

Thanks so much 🙂


Im looking for a consultant to do some 1:1 work on optimising my landing page for marketing. Feel free to reccommend someone! 

Hey @AsherRubin, congrats on launching your course! You can always ask for feedback in the community if you'd like to hear from other instructors 🙂


I would be happy to help you out... I don't have any experience with Udemy specifics but have tons of experience with writing in general. (copywriting, grant writing, etc.) If you need some help, hit me up. 

Ps: I'm launching my first course on grant writing in a couple of days 🙂 Very exicited. 

Best wishes on your first course, let us know how it turns out 🙂


Digital Course Creator - Happy to connect with other instructors

Hey @Laurence-Svekis


Thanks for your kindness Laurence. To answer the question. It turned out pretty bad, no success whatsoever. But looking back at it the course wasn't really that good either so I guess I got what I deserved. I'm going to give it a second try and created a much better course that I'll be launching at the end of Q1.  


I quickly checked your profile and YouTube channel. And I couldn't but think that I might be able to help you with your YouTube channel. And I personally need some help with questions concerning Udemy so I thought this might be a nice exchange.


I currently reach 551K people/month on YouTube and would be able to answer all your YouTube questions for FREE. Questions concerning title & thumbnail creation, intro's, SEO, getting more views, getting more subscribers, topic research, etc... ). I love helping, I love sharing knowledge and growing together. I believe those who help each other out are the ones who come out on top.


In exchange for my knowledge I would like to tap into your knowledge about Udemy courses. I would love to ask an experienced Udemy instructor questions about Udemy (course marketing, reviews, social proof, course creation, advertisement, etc.) Let me know if you would be interested in exchanging information. 


For your information here are my YouTube stats: 

- @DriesKetels (YouTube handle)

- 551K people reached/month

- 230K watch time/ month 

- 400 shares/month 

- 18K subs total

- 700 subs gained/month 

- 55K interactions/month 

- 52% aged between 25-44


Hope to hear from you, let's grow together and educate each other,



Hi James and All,

Many thanks for the mention of SalesSchool in Rookie of the month.  Jemma & I are thrilled to have made the list, delighted with feedback and so far thouroughly enjoying the Udemy experience & all that we are learning from the community. Sian


 pushing “publish” is the starting line, not the finish line! - so true 🙂


Digital Course Creator - Happy to connect with other instructors
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