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New Instructors: Stay AWAY from Fiverr!

Its been happening with increasing and alarming frequency that Udemy instructors are contacted and threatened with bad reviews and being reported for "violation of Udemy policies" by Fiverr freelancers.


Now here's the thing, or even multiple things:

Bad reviews for a new course will be the death knell for that course. Udemy will not promote it, and the course in question it will disappear amongst the thousands of courses with the same fate, and make no mistake , these individuals are well aware of this fact.


The chances are  very good that Fiverr freelancers will have no idea to promote your course other than:

  • advising you to give away unlimited free coupons( this is an exceptionally bad idea that NEVER ends well)
  • using bots to enroll in and promote your course, which IS in fact in violation of Udemy's policy on the subject( another exceptionally bad idea that NEVER ends well) 


MOST of these freelancers are not marketing experts, and in fact are pretty much clueless on how to market your course other than utilizing above mentioned cookie cutter approach, and as we've seen now, will also revert to threats to attempt to force you into some kind of a deal that will only cost you money, and result in you losing your Udemy account to a ban. 


So, whenever you are approached by these folks, on whichever platform (LinkedIn is another favorite)  take screenshots,  send to the Udemy and Fiverr policy teams as in immediately, and block them everywhere you can, including Fiverr.  Do not engage with them in any way, shape or form without discussing it first with the Udemy team. From personal experience they are super helpful and will do what they can to resolve the matter.  



Who Me Too'd this topic