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Community Manager

What are our community's purpose and values?

Udemy believes that the best instructors aren’t always found in a classroom. Everyone has something valuable to share, but actually doing it isn’t easy. It takes hard work to create a course and bravery to share a part of yourself with the world. This investment comes with the potential for tremendous reward, both in terms of the impact you'll have on your students and the opportunity to profit from your expertise.


Udemy’s Instructor Community is the largest group of online instructors in the world. Together, 35,000 instructors have published more than 80,000 courses on the platform. Over 24 million students in over 190 countries have used this massive library of knowledge to improve their lives through learning.


When you publish your first course on Udemy and enter this community, you’re joining a mission shared by thousands of like-minded individuals. Udemy courses have enabled students to pursue their passion, land that dream job, and improve their lives, like Mohammed.




Udemy instructors are a special breed, and our Instructor Community is the best place to connect with others who are out to change lives and be rewarded for their efforts. Online course creation can be lonely work — but our community connects you with people, success stories, and shared journeys to remind you that you’re part of something bigger.


The size and diversity of the Udemy Instructor Community make us unique. Whatever challenge you’re facing or question you’re pondering, chances are other instructors have been there too. Learn from those who have come before you, and share what you’ve seen to help drive the profession of online instruction forward.


What defines a Udemy instructor?


Udemy’s instructors come from diverse backgrounds. That said, successful instructors on Udemy tend to share many of the same values:


  • Be able. Udemy Instructors are passionate about teaching, so we put in the effort it takes to learn, grow, and create. We know nothing worth doing is easy, and we persevere.


  • Be positive. Online teaching is full of ups and downs. To succeed in the long term, we focus our energy on the positives and share our achievements and encouragement with our peers.


  • Be open-minded. We have instructors from all around the world in our community and are respectful of a diversity of culture, languages, and thought.


  • Be a learner. Teaching is the final stage of learning, and at any given point in time, we all have the potential to be both students and instructors. To learn and become better instructors, we give and receive feedback and orient our words and actions around what we can control and will do.


  • Be in it for the long term. The most successful instructors are those who have worked on developing their courses and their teaching skills over time. Patience and persistence are qualities of a successful Udemy instructor.


Instructors (and prospective instructors!) who embody these values, and who are invested in a shared success with Udemy, are welcome to join our community.

Who Me Too'd this topic