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Community Manager
Community Manager

Best Practices for Participating in our Community

In the spirit of our community, we’ve put together a couple best practices to help make participating in our online forums the most valuable experience possible.


1. Do your research.


With thousands of instructors creating thousands of courses, odds are, someone has gone through the problem or situation you’re going through right now. And, they’ve probably had questions about it too. Take advantage of our search feature and search for your question before you start a new post.


It might seem trivial to you to ask a simple question about marketing or reviews, but some of our veteran instructors have seen the same question asked hundreds of times. Be courteous and use our search feature before you ask a question.


2. Consider the best forum for your post.


Our online community has several different spaces where you can ask questions and start discussions. Take a look at this guide to see what each forum is for when deciding where to post.


Please also consider whether our online community is the best place to talk about your particular situation. It may be more beneficial to reach out directly to our instructor support or Trust & Safety teams to get one-on-one support about bugs, payments, reviews, and piracy. To learn more about how to reach our instructor support teams, click here.


3. Keep tagging to a minimum.


Our community champions and moderators are fantastic. They read every single post in the community and do their best to answer everyone. Please be courteous of their time and don’t directly tag them in your original post.

Keep an eye on this space as we may update best practices periodically.

Who Me Too'd this topic