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Creating a tutorial for a software co... can I give them access to review?

Hello all.


I am creating a course for a software company who has granted me the right to create a tutorial for them.   This is a pretty long course that follows their written tutorial and will likely have around 24-30 hours of video tutorials.    The goal of the course is to create more exposure for this software for new developers so the price will likely be $19.99 or $29.00.   The price should not be a large burden it at all possible.


I have been developing the course and now that I am at approximately the 50% mark after 10 weeks of work on it, I would like to know if there is any way I can safely share the unfinished course with the software company for their review and feedback?   The course is not published of yet of course. 


The reason I ask this is I would like them to see what I have created thus far and provide some feedback if at all possible before I spend another 10 weeks on the back half.


If anyone from Udemy is actually here, let me also say it's pretty frustrating that I cannot find even one way to contact your company directly (email, phone, etc...) for guidance on subjects like this.   I love and use Udemy for my own training for many many years so it kind of hurts me to see how hard it is for creators to contact you.


Thank you for any responses.

Who Me Too'd this topic