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Hiring a Trainer

I am looking for a  trainer who can create a  course for my company in Udemy.Course could be on softskills,life skills like Time Management,Improving Productivity,Sales Mastery etc.

Looking for a  2 hour course to be created in the name of our company.The trainer should be highly experienced and must have good experience in course creation.I also expect the trainer to help in course promotion too


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You want them to make the course and market it, what do you do?

Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer

I am looking for both course creators and people who are specialized in marketing udemy courses


If I’m going to create the course and market it, why wouldn’t I just publish it under my own name?


How much are you offering for someone to create this 2 hour course for you?

I will be paying the best pricing for the 2 hour course  based on the experience of the trainer 

What does "best pricing" mean?

It depends on the profile of the trainer,standard hourly rate followed by professionals. It could be from  100$ to  500$


So, you'd pay someone $8K to $40K per two-hour course?

It is not that I am looking for the course creator to market.The quality of the course and the brand of the trainer itself will be the marketing point.I am looking for professional team who are used to market udemy courses professionally.Course creators and marketing team may be different


Hey Aswin,


I can create this program for you as I am having the same micro niche which you are looking for

Overall I have an experience of 12 years dealing into sales and marketing. Worked with Top Brands like Philips and Havells.


Couple of questions - 

Would you be ok if I use my company logo along with your company logo?

Can you separate out payment for Course creation and promotion?


Look forward !!!

Would like to have a  detailed discussion.

Please let me know if we can connect on a Zoom call,


Yes.we can connect.How about one hour from now.Our timing zone will be different.It is 12.41 Indian time how about one hour from now 1.40 pm indian time



Hi Aswin


Please share your email id. I am at [Removed]


I have the qualifications and experience you are looking for but I can't imagine why I would develop a course for you and put your name on it. I don't think anyone who really has the experience your are looking for would have any interest in doing this. 


Oh and anyone with the right experience would not work on an hourly rate. 


Lawrence M. Miller

We got an experienced trainer .We are moving forward as a collaborative project

Hello @ASWIN  , respectfully you published one course in 2017 that has one student. Why would anyone want to work with you? What are you bringing to the table? 

Sharon Ramel
Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess of the Blue Rose

Plenty of people on Upwork would do this. They would charge $100 hour x 50 hours.

5000 🙂

Wow, I'm not sure what is more frustrating - your audacity to exploit someone like this, or the fact that you actually found someone that quickly.


I was about to report you to Udemy's trust & safety team because co-instructors are both supposed to bring something to the table in the production of the course. But either I mis-remembered that part of the policy, or it was changed.


I take solace in the fact that if you are in fact paying someone $100/hr to create and market a 2 hour course in soft skills, that will probably run you about $15,000 or so, and you're unlikely to make that back. The instructor you hired may well get the better end of this deal (but I'd advise him to insist on an advance payment.)


I get it, though. After seeing ACloudGuru get acquired for $2B a lot of us are wondering if we should be hiring a stable of instructors and building up our own large catalog of courses in hopes of getting acquired. Gotta remember they built up a catalog of thousands of labs and courses in the hottest topic there is though, and they did at a time when there was much less competition.

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