How can I give access to someone to review my course while it's unpublished

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How can I give access to someone to review my course while it's unpublished



I tried to find if this question was answered before but no luck unfortunately.


I am creating my first course and I would like to ask some colleagues within my industry to take the course as students and give me their feedback BEFORE I publish the course so I can make some modifications to the content.


Is there anyway to do this?






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@MohamedSale473 👋Hello


To my understanding you would have to publish your course first, and then share a coupon code for your network to access the course for free. Then, you could make changes to the course based on feedback with the course being live.


 I gave feedback to Udemy about us seeing this feature as valuable and necessary to share draft links.

Thanks @Alexia but that would mean my course is published and any mistakes or issues are available for everyone to see.



Yes, you can give access to someone to review your course while it's unpublished on Udemy. Here's a simple way to do it:

  1. Invite Them as Co-Instructors: You can add the colleagues you want to review your course as co-instructors. This will give them access to the course content and allow them to provide feedback. To do this, go to the "Course Management" section in your Udemy instructor dashboard, select "Co-instructors," and then click on "Invite Co-instructor." Enter their email address and send them an invitation.

  2. Share Preview Links: Another option is to generate preview links for specific sections or lectures of your course and share them with your colleagues. Preview links allow them to access and review specific parts of your course without having full editing access. You can generate preview links for individual lectures or sections by going to the "Course Management" section, selecting "Course Landing Page," and then clicking on "Preview Links."

Thanks @MusaZanna . I will give the second suggestion an try and let you know the outcome. The first one might be a bit cumbersome because none of them is really familiar with Udemy instructor view, course management...etc.


@MusaZanna just to let you know. I tried option 2 and it doesn't work. The person who gets the preview link sees nothing of the course content. Just one line message saying please contact the course author for details...etc. So it's not an option.


That's what happens when you have someone running around in here copying/pasting ChatGPT answers to every question asked.

@ThomasMitchell Why should someone solely rely on AI for his daily activities. I have not started using ChatGPT yet Mr Thomas.

@MohamedSale473 Preview EnablePreview Enable


Preview not enabledPreview not enabled


I think you have not enabled the preview mode. Take a look at the picture attached.

Good luck

@MusaZanna @MohamedSale473 

Preview links is great! 

The “Preview Links” option isn’t an option. 

Why do you think so?

Because it's not an option. 

OK, I see what you mean now. It doesn't give the other person anything to see actually. I wonder why it's even there.


Don't be serious and waiting for the perfection! Publish it anyway, and see what's happening. It's just a digital product not like making a car or rocket.

You do that, and you run the risk of the first couple ratings being terrible, which kills your course in the marketplace. 

And that’s exactly what I would like to avoid.

I put a decent amount of effort in making the course and I would like to see it welcomed by the audience and paying off 🙂

@MohamedSale473  publish the course under private and share the link. 

Thanks @Alexia . I will give it a try later and let you know.


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