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Not selling anything

Hey there, 


i have produced a course for improving the accounting for craft business. For myself I have a craft business and we worked with Excel and old programs for over 20 years. But these programs aren't the state of the arte anymore. So I decided to help the people out there and produced highly professional videos. 


But in the first month I only had 4 persons who registered (who are my friends and want me to help). So I decided to ask the community how to grow here in Udemy?


Thanks for your advice!


Best regards,

Fabio Celentano

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Hi @FabioCelent969 - I took a quick glance at your course and I would say you have two things working against you:


1) Your course is in German. Udemy is primarily English based and you have greatly eliminated a huge number of students who might be interested in your course.


2) There is a large amount of competition in anything related to accounting. So, even if your course was in English, you would be facing a great deal of competition from existing courses. Therefore it could take a long time for your course to get noticed, assuming it was in English.

There are so many crafting groups on Facebook.  I would join some of them that are German speaking or in Germany and try to promote your course there if the rules of the group allow it.    Or ask the group owner if you can offer  a coupon to group members.  Also I don't know if Etsy is in Germany, but I am sure there is groups on Facebook too specific to Etsy stores.   Also look at craft fair groups close to you.  Maybe attend some when that is allowed for you and hand out flyers or something to vendors.   You have something special with the crafters market.   Most crafters I know don't have business skills and doing books and accounting is not something they even think about.    Just letting them know they should think about it could help. 

Hey thanks for your patience. Uff that is little bad for me.


Maybe an english subtitle will help?


thanks 🙂



"Uff that is little bad for me." - What?


"Maybe an english subtitle will help?" - It might help but I doubt it. I think most students will naturally look to native English speaking instructors first unless you are focusing on just the German market. 

„"Uff that is little bad for me." - What?“ - That Udemy is mostly at English market


ok Then i will try to get more visiters through external Ads… Maybe that helps

You can consider doing an english version to the course. 

Congrats and wishing you all the best.


Thanks i will try

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