What are some alternatives of PowerPoint that you use?

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What are some alternatives of PowerPoint that you use?



What are some alternative presentation tools that instructors on Udemy frequently use instead of PowerPoint to create engaging and interactive course materials?


Are there any specific features or advantages of these tools that make them popular choices among instructors?


How do these alternatives compare to PowerPoint in terms of ease of use, customization options, and overall user experience?


Thanks! Namaste 🙂

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Leonor C.
Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello @TranceMindset 


 this article outlines how you can convert presentations from Powerpoint and Keynote into video lectures for your course. Further to this, below you can find some threads that give you some alternatives to power point and other useful links to similar programs. 



Hope it helps!


Leonor Collor
Udemy Community Team

Thanks. But I do not have Mac PC. I am on a Windows PC.

Hello. @TranceMindset 


I am using a software called Canva.


Features of Canva
・Easy to create professional-quality designs
・Anyone can use Canva for free on Web (paid version is also available).
・More than 100 million materials (photos, videos, audio, graphics)
・More than 600,000 templates
・Canva is available on both PC and smartphone.
・Canva also allows you to create videos.


Inferior to PowerPoint
・Canva's animation settings are much more detailed.


Naturally, it can be used on Windows PC.


Here is a sample video I created in about 10 minutes using only Canva.
(Sound and subtitle were mixed by Power Director.)
(Sorry, this video is in the process of being made.)


I hope this will be helpful to you.

Thanks 🙂 I need to learn video creation on Canva!! This video is nice...

Instead of PPT, I create Whiteboard animated videos - at a heart, I use Doodly software, while adding some visual elements from Canva as well. It takes some time to learn how to use it - just like any other tool - but it's very simple and intuitive - finding image (drop-down list), placing it, setting drawing speed, etc. 

And, it gives to your video some captivating effects, you can use symbols, incorporate dialogues, and many other elements based on your own imagination. I am very satisfied.

Thanks a lot 🙂 I have seen Whiteboard Videos, but always they say these are very costly to make! There's no cheap or free software. And also, the time taken to learn and make the videos is also more, they say. I am a single person, and it is probably going to be difficult for me to use the software that you are suggesting.


Is there anywhere I can see how the software is used? And where do I buy it from? 

Many people say that they are frauds. They sell their initial thing for cheap, and then you have to pay a heafty amount to use it completely. That worries me.

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Community Champion

Variation is key to student engagement. Try a piece of paper. Place your camera on top of it. Just draw/write on that and record that. Toss that between your powerpoints for a bit of variation.  

That's an expert tip!

Thanks for sharing...

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