Can two courses have the same name?

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Can two courses have the same name?


I have several courses on Udemy and would like to make a trial free course of each full course. Just so that the students can first try it out and see before purchasing. Can I give both courses (the full and paid one) and the free trial course which contains some of the chapters of the full course the same name?



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Hey @JuliaKrist 


Yes, two courses on the marketplace can have the same name. Udemy recognizes two courses as two separate ones by their URL (link in the address bar of the browser), that's why two courses can't have the same URL (link).


Re. your two courses (the paid one & the free one),  you can give same chapter names  - not a problem as long as the content on both are different ones -one has summarized version, another one has the details on the same topic(chapter).

Hello Anup,

thanks for your response!:)


The chapters from the free course are chapters from the paid course... Lets say the paid course has 70 chapters. I want to take 6 chapters from this full course and make a mini free course of it. So the content is the same but the course is much shorter in length. Do you think that works? Or would I have to use a different name?

Hey @JuliaKrist 


The free courses or free coupons have not worked for me - telling you this from my experience.  though I have not experimented with a mini course prior to launching a full course.  But I think, this could be a good strategy for generating lead for your paid course.  Also, please bear in mind that the free courses always have lots of enrollments, as compared to the paid course. When it happens, don't get surprised!



Hello Anup,


that sounds good 🙂 I hope that will bring more traffic to my courses.

So you think I can do that? Uploading the same videos as from the full course to small mini course?


Yes, a little content from the mini course into the full course is OK.

Hi, @JuliaKrist  Udemy policy has restrictions around duplicate content, I'll recommend you send an email to our Trust & Safety team so they can provide you with steps on what you can or can't do with this course to


Eliana Cerna

Udemy Community Moderator 


@JuliaKrist Creating free content from same content would probably be against policy, also using the same name would be confusing for students. 

I would recommend like a starter course or a crash course as the free course. You can give out some knowledge for free and then say if you are interested you can take my other courses on the topic. 

It is the same as having the videos on YouTube, you can have a percentage of course content on YouTube (Unless you are under UB Exclusivity). 

Hello Salil!

Thanks a lot for your response. I had contacted udemy because of that and they also confirmed that I cannot do that. But thank you for the idea with the crash course and creating new content for that. I probably would do that then. And thanks for mentioning youtube! I was actually thinking about uploading some videos there but now I know i cant do that with my UB courses...Thats good to know.

Thanks! 🙂

@JuliaKrist - Why not allow students to preview the videos in your current course? That will allow them to watch the videos for free and help them decide to enroll

@ChandraLingam I do that already, I just thought that making free mini courses will drive more traffic to my courses

@JuliaKrist - IMHO, a free course will not drive sales to your paid course. Many people will enroll in free courses and not watch your content. Another policy that Udemy has (i don't know if it is still true) is that your instructor promotional announcements and coupons are not sent to students enrolled in your free course.  

Great advise everyone. Thanks alot.  

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