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Introduce Yourself!


Hi there!


Welcome aboard, our community is excited to have you here! We'd love to get to know you better, so here's a place for you to introduce yourself (if you’d like) and meet other members as they join.


Some questions you may answer to get your thoughts flowing:


  • Who are you?
  • Where are you from?
  • What is your teaching area?
  • Why did you join the Instructor Community?
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself!


Good to know:



411 Replies

• Hello instructors,  my name is Michael Appiah, an Ict teacher and a freelance developer. I am from Ghana

▪︎I focus on educating students about computer hardware and software, networking, programming, digital literacy, and other related topics. I aim to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate and thrive in our increasingly digital world.

▪︎Being part of this community of Instructors I think would open the opportunity to collaborate, learn from my peers from all walks of life, and continuously enhance my own teaching abilities.

▪︎The Fun fact is that I am young.

  Hope I am Welcome.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Michael Appiah


Welcome 😊

We are happy to have you here! 




Hi there!

My name is Lyra Star Mist

  • I am a traveler and have lived many places in the United States.  Not really sure if I am from any specific place.
  • I teach many subjects and have had a YouTube channel for many years.  I focus on Quantum Life Skills, Reiki healing, resiliency & emergency preparedness, legal aid and how to use specific apps for personal to professional applications.
  • Something fun about you! I like to inspire and empower others through fun games, activities, Missions and Quests.  I have developed several games and help host events.  I am also a multimedia artist and have studied many different forms of art over the years.

I love to learn and share knowledge with others, hike, and spend time in nature.  I have written several children's stories, a manual and articles on different subjects.  My current project is to write a book on how to raise your pet for extended life.  My service dog is 12 years old and still acts like he is 8.


May the fun begin.

Hi Lyra Star Mist!


Fun story! I feel the same about not being sure where I "am from". The more time goes by, the more I feel that belonging has more to do with what's inside than the geography. 

Looking forward to learning and teaching with you!


Nice to meet you all. My name is Yura Arai.


I have been working as a mechanical engineer in Japan for 20 years.


I am working to stop the decrease in the working population due to Japan's declining birthrate and aging population. I would like to teach the skills needed to work in Japan (manners, Japanese language, communication, business skills, Excel, manufacturing, etc.) from the viewpoint of an active engineer so that people will be attracted to Japan and want to work in Japan.


I am new to creating courses, so I joined the community to improve my skills in creating courses while communicating with you all.


I am familiar with acoustics, having played drums, guitar, bass, piano, and singing when I was younger, and I am happy to be able to use my strengths as a microphone setter on Udemy!

Hi 新居優空 !


I hope you find this space helpful. Your experience sounds exciting, so it'll be great to get your lessons out into the world.



Just out of curiosity could a person work as a developer/programmer in Japan without knowing Japanese? I mean would English be enough?


Of course learning Japanese sounds nice, just might take some time.


Good luck. Your course topics sound interesting.

Hello. @RonErez 

I am glad of your curiosity.

Japanese is not always necessary to work in Japan. There are many developers and programmers in my office who do not speak any Japanese.

However, looking at the companies I have worked for, there are still very few Japanese who can speak English. Naturally, Japanese people who can speak English communicate with engineers from abroad, but if that Japanese person takes a day off or goes on a business trip, it makes it difficult for work to proceed smoothly.

It is better to be able to speak Japanese, even if it is not perfect.

We are simply very happy when we can talk in Japanese with our colleagues at work.

Self Introduction is the most interesting thing to do...

Hi folks!

My names Ross and Im fro a place called Elgin in the North of Scotland.

I mainly teach techniques in Ableton live from beginner to advanced focusing on more creative ways to use the tools rather than the traditional style.

I joined the instructor community to connect and speak with like minded people who are on a mission to share their knowledge and help others climb the life ladder.

Fun fact - I love hillwalking in the Highlands with my Dog. Its a great way to reset the creative mind just being in nature and discovering whats on your doorstep. I also like kickboxing and go to the gym 4/5 times a week.

All the best

Hi Ross @RossGeldart1980

WWelcome to Udemy instructors community.

I wish you great success in creating and teaching your courses on this platform.

This community has many useful posts to help you with your teaching endeavors. 


Best regards, 

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.

Thanks mate and same to you

All the best

Hi everyone, my name is Nicholas Onyeaka from Africa.

I am new here. I am a graphic designer and a digital artist and love to instruct in this field.

 I am glad to be in this wonderful community and intend to get the best out of it by impacting lives positively and sharing experience.

I love travelling and hanging out.

Hello everyone,


I am new here. My name is Abhi Duggal and I am a holistic health expert and certified yoga and meditation teacher. I am a new instructor on Udemy and just published my first sleep improvement course. My teachings are usually shared on my youtube channels "Meditate with Abhi" and "The School of Breath" and I am excited to try Udemy as a new platform. I am looking forward to connect with likeminded people on this community. Have a blessed day. 

Hey Everyone,


My name is James McGregor from Australia.


I have just joined Udemy as an instructor (although I have been a student for many years) with my first course published today.  My teaching area is about combining Behavourial Science with Marketing and Communication skills to help people get better at solving important environmental and social challenges like climate change, poverty, waste etc. 


Fun fact - I am actually an electrical engineer but started working with some of the top behavioural scientists in the world trying to figure out how to best get people to take action on things like climate change and this led to me creating an award winning TV show about sustainable homes.  So these days I am also a part time TV producer!


Look forward to learning more about all of you and taking some of your courses.

Hi all!

I am Vidya from India. I am a final year PhD scholar working in the area of bioreactor design for biotechnological applications. I would like to teach in the same area. I joined the instructor community to meet like minded people. 

I am very excited about this teaching journey!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Happy Friday, @Vidzz22

Welcome to the community. You are definitely at the right place if you want to meet like-minded people 😊

I wish you all the best for your final year!🙌 Please keep us updated if there is anything we can help you with to start your instructor journey on Udemy. 




Welcome to the community of instructor's. Wishing you best regards 

Welcome! Best of luck with your Ph.D.

Thanks a lot! Sure. 

My name is Okan from Turkey. My teaching area is: C++, Game development, Unreal engine, Sculpting and Modeling on Blander, Animation, VFX, and Microsoft technologies. I joined because i want to share my knowledge.  I love music, programing and 3d arts.

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