Looking for a native English speaker to collaborate with

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Looking for a native English speaker to collaborate with

Hello everyone. First of all I want to thank you all for creating such an amazing community and being so supportive.

I am working on a course right now. I have recorded most of the lectures and written more than half of all the scripts. Now I want a native English speaker (preferably someone with a North American accent) to voice over them. You do not need to have any knowledge on the topic I am creating the course on.


Please let me know if you are interested and want to collaborate. And feel free to ask any queries you have.


Thank you.

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Personally @Blindcoder it may be better to use your own voice. Practice speaking clearly recording yourself every day. Listen to the recording and think of how you can adjust your speaking/accent so that our global audience can understand you. I am an Aussie, so I had to slow down and finish my words - small adjustments that make a big change in the way people hear me. Plus I have fixed up the closed captions so people can read them to supplement my accent. Good luck and enjoy this wonderful creative process.

Sharon Ramel
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I agree with Sharon. Unless your accent is really really really horrible (which I guess it isn't; your written English is quite good), better to record it yourself. If you have the scripts, you can read directly from them, which will help. I think students value authenticity. Auto-generated and manually corrected subtitles will also help a lot.

Thank you both for your time and replies.

I totally agree with you Mike, it's better if students hear directly from an instructor. But still I'm considering collaborating with a native English speaker for a couple of reasons.

I've been working on this course for quite a while now, and I want to finish it asap, without compromising the quality. Plus I guess everybody will prefer listening from someone who's first language is English.


So I thought if there's somebody who could work with me and I'd share revenue with him.


And you if you think we can work together, please send an email to blindcoder@thewebcodes.com

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Look for my response in the email address you provided.

I've done similar projects. In some situations it can be a better option. I contacted the email you provided. Cheers

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