Reached the 2 Comma Club, 1 Million in Lifetime Earnings on Udemy

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Reached the 2 Comma Club, 1 Million in Lifetime Earnings on Udemy

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I achieved an amazing milestone on Udemy this week. 


I launched my first course on Udemy in January 2016.  That month I did about $750 in sales. 


Since then I've launched 16 additional courses. A lot of nights, weekends, and holidays have gone into course creation. Today, I'll see single days greater than my first month.


It's been a journey. The quality of my first course was awful. I recorded dreey lectures against a grey backdrop. And used a Blue Yeti that picked up EVERYTHING. You could hear planes flying overhead, my dog crying... Yeah, it was that awful! LOL


But I've learned a lot along the way. The organization and quality of my recent courses has significantly improved. Each course I created, I reflected on what I could do to improve. Some came from student feedback. Some came from learning from other successful instructors. The important part is to always be learning and improving. 


I know when I was starting out, this level of success seemed unattainable. I hope newer instructors find inspiration from this post. There is no easy button. It takes work and time. Every lecture you create, grows your content. Every day that passes, more students will find you. Until someday, you look back and say wow!

To steal a slogan from the folks at ConvertKit - "Create Everyday!"

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Wow, you are a sales monster!

Love reading stories like this!! Congratulations !!


Congrats, John. Very impressive. I am curious to know what mic you recommend. Thanks

I use the Rode Podcaster & very happy with it

Hi @JohnThompson yours's got an inspirational journey. I just joined this Udemy instructor's community and this is my first post to read and like. 


I'm happy and truly delighted to be a part of this huge Udemy family and wish one day I get the eligibility to write a post like this.


Hey @JohnThompson. May I know your strategy with free courses? I noticed you have three of them...

Basic sales funnel strategy. Just trying to grow my audience. I know I have free students converting, but there's no good way of tracking this. The majority of free students never start the course. But a % of students will, and a % of those will enroll in a paid course.


@JohnThompson CONGRATULATIONS! I've just signed up as an instructor, so this really does inspire me! Thank you for posting! 

And I believe that the best is yet to come!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I have been reading these threads to get hopeful and pumped up and it's working. LOL And to just think we can tell others " I know him!"

WOW , thatโ€™s really inspiring 

Hello, @JohnThompson.
Congratulations on the incredible achievement, and thank you very much for sharing your success story with us. You can be sure that it is a source of inspiration for all of us.
I wish you even more success, and I hope we can celebrate a new achievement together very soon.

Congratulations on reaching 7 digits!!! That's mind-blowing!

Thank you for sharing your story! It's so inspiring.

I've just launched my first course. And it will be a very long way to perfection. But a very interesting way. 
"The important part is to always be learning and improving" - I absolutely agree with this.

Novice instructors look at successive instructors or bloggers who started their career 5-10-15 year ago, and sometimes they are like: "Isn't it late to start in 2024?". Especially when your quality is not good and your topic is popular. What can you advice in this case?

Hi ,

I just launched my first course on udemy 3 to 4 days back. I dont know what to do next as zero enrolments and not even a traffic on my course. i dont know if udemy promotes new instructors courses as i even cant search my course if try to search it as an student.

Any suggestions please?



Best Regards,

Adnan Ali

Congratulations ! 

This is inspiring.  I just launched my first not 15 minutes ago.

Thanks for the encouragement ๐Ÿ‘

And congratulations!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Hello John,

I want to begin by expressing my congratulations on your success and gratitude for sharing your inspiring story. I have a question regarding microphones. Currently, I'm utilizing a Blue Yeti, which, as you noted, tends to capture background noises such as birds and dogs outside. Do you have any recommendations for a microphone that might be better suited for my needs? I'm preparing to develop multiple new courses and believe it's time to upgrade my equipment. Over the past year, I've experienced some degree of success and I'm eager to enhance my setup.



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I hope to have as much luck as you did just starting out.

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