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setting up for the home studio

IMG_0439.JPG IMG_0438.JPG IMG_0440.JPG

Here are some photos of the finished studio. I am working on Acoustics by using pro Grade Acoustic Panels that reduce echo, and getting Pyramid Acoustic Foam Traversal on the walls, as well as the View more

Personl development

Hi im new here, just starting up my training career as a trainer on udemy. But im not sure how to start working here as an instructor. It would be great if someone can guide me in View more

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Automotive Courses

I have just joined the udemy today, is there a demand of automotive related courses here ? What do you suggest ? View more

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I'm Vittorio new here


Hi All ! My name is Vittorio and i'm a technical IT , i like teach and i hope help all in this community of Udemy , if have a question about computer , Google Home , iPhones problems, Android , any View more

Why the demand is low

I am looking at marketplace insights for mongodb and cassandra ( two popular nosql datastores). Interestingly, they show different statistics which are NOT close. While mongo is showing 98th as far View more

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New comer

Hello guys! I’m a new comer and I’m so happy to be a part of Udemy. I’m here to teach Turkish. My English level is B2-C1 but I still make mistakes sometimes. Do you think it affects my lessons? I am View more

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New Year’s resolutions


Happy holidays, instructors! 2021 is almost here - I know many of us are looking forward to starting the year strong by tackling a challenge and completing a professional goal. What are you looking View more

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Input Output

Hello all, I have created my first three courses on The first of which is a free course. There are now over 1700 students enrolled in the introductory (free) course, which is not even a View more

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Instructors From Pakistan

Hi,My Name is Yasir Ahmed and I teach digital marketing and related topicsI am from Pakitan and would like to know how many more talented people are here from my country, Please let me know your city View more

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One Year as Udemy Instructor - Hits and Misses Best answer

Back in May 2019, I uploaded my first course on Udemy. The course was a fairly niche one so I did not really have much of an expectation. I even considered making the course free but changed that to View more

UFB, WOW - what an excellent month!!!

I’d like to take my Scottish hat off and congratulate the UFB team for what has been ANOTHER outstanding month - and an end to an absolutely phenomenal 2020! At the Udemy Berlin conference last year, View more

Persistence and Patience

Hi all instructors (especially new course creators), It's easy to become caught up in instant gratification with publishing courses, and expecting instant results. Just remember, any goal takes time View more

Asking all cause content creators

Our company partnered with a charity called Ladies of Hope in mid-Ennerdale, South of Johannesburg, who do amazing work in their impoverished community with what little they have. Skills View more

10k Earnings

Earned my first 10k on Udemy today. Although money isn't my main focus. My main focus is watch time in minutes per month. If people are watching my videos and doing my courses then this is what View more

The Artist

Hey everyone how are you my name is Asher. I have explored Udemy before nd I have to say this website got me thinking about becoming an instructor and teaching in either fine and digital art or View more

Subtitles file formats supported

Hi, I generally don't get .vtt file from my application (Screencast-o-matic), but only .srt files. Other option I see is .sbv file. I do an extra step to convert this. Doesn't Udemy support the View more

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Little teacher Best answer

Hi ..Are there any teacher below 20 years old?I am 20 years old ,do i the youngest teacher here in View more

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Gift to be a part of Udemy Best answer

It's great to join this community for me. Here, I can share something valuable things that I have learned. The only reason I joined this is to connect with everyone and share which will help others View more

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Stories and inspiration
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