Which Editing Software do you use?

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Which Editing Software do you use?

Hello Instructors!


We know that everyone has their own style of video creation because we’ve already seen your different audio & visual setups. But for this discussion, we’d love to know which software you are using to pull it all together?


Which editing software do you use and why do you use it?

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Camtasia every time.

@SimonKloot I've been considering Camtasia for a while. What are the benefits of using it over OBS + Final Cut Pro which is what I use?

Camtasia is a lot more intuitive for me than OBS.

I haven't used Final Cut Pro.

I'll try it.

I use Camtasia for screencast recording and video editing and Audacity for audio editing.

The reason I chose Camtasia is that Udemy (5+ years ago) partnered with Techsmiths to provide instructors 50% OFF licenses, so I got it at a discounted price, it suits my needs well, and with the maintenance plan, I always get the latest version every year. I use Audacity because it's free, and it works very well.

Thanks @AHardin.  Are there currently any discounted licenses for Camtasia?

I don't think Udemy partners with them anymore, but you can ask Udemy. I do know that TechSmith runs sales periodically. I'd check their website.

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Community Champion

I think that old promotion is also what sucked me in with Camtasia, and I still use it to this day.


It does what I need, but I have to admit the licensing fee for it seems a bit high for what it is. It's also annoying that I need to buy additional licenses for every computer I might edit on.


I do wish Camtasia offered some more modern-looking motion graphics, lower-thirds, and intro/outro templates though. Even with their add-on packages there's not much that really looks like the style I have in mind.


I've never used DaVinci Resolve, but I've been eyeing it with curiosity...

I agree that the licensing isn't as great as it needs to be, but, overall, I don't think it's too bad when you compare it to Adobe and others in the software industry that use a monthly subscription business model.

It's not the best software in the industry, is very CPU intensive (doesn't like using GPU power) and I agree that TechSmith hasn't really innovated their animations library, but it gets the job done, is easy to use, and suits the needs for probably 90% of the instructors here.

>> It's also annoying that I need to buy additional licenses for every computer I might edit on.


Just in case you don’t know, a single license allows you to install it onto 2 computers.

How do you approach editing the video and the audio - do you feed the video into Camtasia first to edit the video/cut sections that you don't want and THEN feed the audio into Audacity and reattach to the video?

Dear Mr.Hardin

I have just started to upload videos in udemy. I also use CAMTASIA. The screen recording is 1920 * 1080P, and the output is the same. After uploading to udemy, the video always shows black edges. After many modifications, the result is still the same. Have you ever met? thank you

Hi Lisa,

After a lot of trial and error in the beginning, I finally opted to use the NCH software suite.

Videopad for editing video's, Wavepad for sound editing, Video capture for video recording and Photpad for image editing. I find all these very effective and easy to use. Not that expensive either. Give them a try.


I am really crazy of the black bars around my video😂😂😂, actually i cannot seen them in my side😅

Same here. Good stuff. 

Hi, I started using OBS for capturing the video from the screen and Davinci Resolve for the editing. Its working well for me so far

Davinci Resolve, it's free and does its job to create amazing edits.

Does it allow you to zoom into the footage, like Camtasia? 

Thanks Bernard, ive tested Davinci and it seems to be effective.


Great recommendation.

I currently use DaVinci Resolve 18, but I have used Camtasia Studio 8. I recommend Camtasia to anyone that needs nothing more but simple editing and a screen recording incorporated within the software. Camtasia is really great, still DaVinci is the winner for me!

Marius Manolachi
Online instructor
Storyteller Storyteller

I use Camtasia and use Izotope RX for audio editing.  I find RX is great for easily cleaning up sounds and especially removal of breath sounds.  The automated removal of breaths has really sped up my video editing times.

Thanks for sharing Izotope RX. I'm currently using Audacity with plugins to de-ess and remove breathing sounds, but Izotope RX seems like a better solution. Are you able to set up macros to automate the audio editing process with it?

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I use Camtasia as well!

ScreenFlow for screen recordings + editing. iZotope RX for audio post-processing.

Screen flow it works a treat

Camtasia.  At this stage, I don't want to spend any more time than necessary editing.  Camtasia is extremely powerful, yet also easy to use, and with the Assets Pack, I get tons of customizable, prebuilt, professional looking and sounding material.  It's all I need for now.

I use and like Camtasia as its easy to use and they have good supporting tutorials. Plus lots of other tutorials on YouTube and courses on Udemy. I am not a video editing expert at all but can I am on camera and also will do some screen shares. 


Adobe Premiere Elements.


Lawrence M. Miller

My courses are 99% screencasts, so I use Screenflow on my Macbook, and even use it to edit talking heads and promo videos.


I'm using vn editor on my Ipad . It's free and easy to use video editor , as I'm making educational treading information video so I don't need any high level editing or cinematic shoot . 

VN VIDEO EDITOR is enough for me fast and simple 

Camtasia! It is easy to use, and you get amazing results 😃

Ceci Mansilla

Camtasia before my PC updates to Windows11 and rendered it useless. Now I rely on a combination of Filmora and OBS, which is definitely not as good as Camtasia was.

Screenflow for screencast based courses, Premiere Pro when I'm recording mostly talking head/demonstration-based courses. 

Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing because it provides a lot of flexibility and customization tools, Bandicam for screen recording (I had a license so I am going with it), and Adobe Audition for audio recording and editing (I know just enough to get good editing results and it comes with the Adobe Suite that I know a bit about from my college days).

I use NCH. DebutVideoCapture for recording, Photopad for photo editing, Wavepad for sound editing and Videopad for video editing. I find them all very user friendly, not that expensive and they do exactly what I require of them. It has excellent functionality across all their software. It seems a lot of instructors use Camtasia. Never tried it. Might do one day but at the moment, I am very satisfied with the NCH packages.

Inshot app

I use Icecream Screen Recorder for recording screencasts and then edit them in Adobe Premiere Pro. I also have Audacity installed on my laptop but rarely use it.

Camstia studio. Due to its ease of use for my screen recording. Audio is also recorded at the same time in same file. 

Adobe premiere 

Adobe premiere Pro for ever

Salil Dhawan
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Community Champion

Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a little difficult as it has a lot more features but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. Recommend taking a Premiere Pro course on Udemy, I took Phil's.

For images, use Adobe express, comes with the Adobe subscription, or Canva.

I prefer OBS Studio + Openshot video editor. 

Camtasia Studio 💪

I use Snagit and then use iMovie for editing (everything on a Mac) 

Camtasia, and then upload it to Auphonic to ensure that the audio is at a consistent level.


If you have problems with sound levels between videos, please look at Auphonic, which just solves those problems for me.

Hi Philip ,

Thanks for this . I have been facing issues with each chapter having differnt audio. So do you upload your whole course at once on Auphonic or each individual chapter? Would love to know the shortest way to go about it.

Thanks for the help.


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