1099-MISC tax forms are ready

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1099-MISC tax forms are ready

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all,


Tax season has arrived in the United States, and so have 2023 tax forms for US instructors! If you submitted form W-9 (for US persons and businesses), you should be able to access Form 1099-MISC summarizing your 2023 Udemy earnings and withholding at this point. You can view your form and securely download a PDF of it in your Payout & Tax Settings page. A physical tax form will be sent to the mailing address you provided when you completed your tax documentation, unless you selected to receive your year-end tax forms electronically (and so Udemy won’t send a copy by mail).


Note that if you submitted a W-9 and 1) filed as an S or C corp, or 2) earned less than $10 on Udemy in 2023, you will not receive an end-of-year tax form. 


Non-US instructors can expect Form 1042-S summarizing US-sourced earnings and withholding by the end of February. You can read more about what to expect from end-of-year tax reporting in our Help Center.


Feel free to jump in below if you have general questions about the process of receiving your end-of-year tax forms. If you have questions specific to your account or your form, please contact Instructor Support. Note that we can’t give tax advice, so any questions about what to do with your form once you’ve got it should be addressed to a tax professional.


Teach on,