Updated content policies: Audio and Video Standards

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Updated content policies: Audio and Video Standards

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Instructors! We are pleased to announce two exciting policy updates straight from our Trust & Safety Team. These changes have been driven by valuable feedback from our esteemed instructors like you. Get ready to embrace more flexibility in your course creation process! 🚀


First, we are now accepting courses created with text-to-speech software. We have consistently heard from instructors about their interest in using these programs, and recent advancements in the technology meet our content standards. Usage of text-to-speech tools in your course creation and editing can offer enhanced accessibility and flexibility for you as well as your learners.


While we’re excited about the new opportunities this technology offers, usage of text-to-speech will need to follow a few guidelines. For example, if the audio sounds robotic, contains noticeable mispronunciations, or is otherwise distracting or in violation of the Audio or other Quality Standards, it will not be accepted for publication. As always, courses that perform well in the marketplace may be considered for curation into Udemy Business as well. You can learn more about UB curation here.


Second, we are designating a Course Setup Lecture, as a space for instructors to share required course resources which would otherwise be restricted to the Bonus Lecture. We are committed to keeping course material free of promotional content but are optimistic that this additional lecture type will help learners get discounts for relevant and course-essential external tools and resources such as exam vouchers and software discounts.


To learn more about these updates, please see the Audio and Video Standards and Course Setup Lecture policy pages, which have updated our policies effective today.