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Community Manager
Community Manager

Build your personal brand

Promote your courses and teaching style

Tap into Udemy’s audience of over 12M followers

Connect with Udemy learners across the globe

Share your knowledge to help others grow personally and professionally

Grow your community by engaging with new and existing learners


If these perks sound appealing, this opportunity is for you!


The Udemy social media team is looking to feature video content from instructors across Udemy’s social channels. For a chance to be featured, record a short video clip of you sharing ANYTHING related to learning (must be under 60 seconds).

More details below👇


Share your best learning/career tip (could be general or specific to your niche)

When we say ANYTHING about learning, it can be broad! Think career-related advice, productivity/mindset/wellness tips, Gen-AI/new technologies, relatable/funny content like corporate jargon

Make sure it’s 60 seconds or less, recorded VERTICALLY all in one clip (filming on your cell phone works here – no need to overthink it!)

If you want to film it in separate clips, make sure to stitch them together before submission

Please do not edit or add on-screen text/visual effects/branding, we’ll take care of that!

It’s best to introduce your tip briefly, then jump straight into it (see these examples from Chris Haroun, Jimmy Naraine)

No need to do an introduction – the social team will tag you and call out your name in the caption. (The idea here is to jump right into the content and capture users’ attention quickly)

At this time, content must be in English to be featured

Post your submissions to this Google Folder by March 31st. (be sure to check out other instructor submissions for inspiration!) Please name your file as FirstName_LastName (be sure to check out other instructor submissions for inspiration)

Once you enter your submission, sit back and relax. If your content is chosen to be featured on Udemy’s platforms, the social team will reach out to let you know

Email any questions you may have to instructorsocialmedia@udemy.com

Please note that we cannot provide custom feedback or ideas on content creation. We encourage you to lean on your fellow Udemy instructors to brainstorm ideas!


*** Please note that submitting content does not guarantee a feature on Udemy’s social media accounts. If your content is selected for a feature, the social team will be in touch. We recommend that you post your content on your personal social media platforms to grow your brand and audience. ***