A new milestone: we're a public company!

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A new milestone: we're a public company!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Here in the Community, we love celebrating milestones. We get excited to hear about your new course launches, your 5-star reviews, your first thousand-dollar months. We also love hearing about the ways learners around the world are improving their lives with the knowledge you share through Udemy.


Today, we're proud to share our own milestone: we've become a public company. We've gotten this far through many years of working, growing, learning, and of course, instructing. We're so grateful to be sharing the journey with you, and we're just getting started.


We thought you might want to share this news with your social media networks, so we have a graphic and a few guidelines for you to keep in mind before you click “Post.”  


  • Tag @udemy and use the hashtag #Udemy so we can see your posts and join in on the fun (reshare, engage, etc). 
  • Use these graphics with your post (if you want to)!
  • Share an anecdote about what this milestone means to you as an instructor on our global platform (share a student story, a look back on what you’ve learned along the way as an instructor, etc). 


Then, to celebrate: starting on Monday, November 1st, we're kicking off a week of Community sharing recognizing our past, present, and future. No company celebration would be complete without swag, so we're giving some away! Every day next week, November 1-5, 2021, we will be giving away 10 “I Teach with Udemy” t-shirts to the first ten people to answer each day’s prompt! (Unless they’ve already gotten one -- then it’ll go to the next person who hasn’t) 






Be sure to come back next week for an opportunity to score a Udemy t-shirt!


Please note that as we enter the public market, we're still restricted from remarking on the financial or legal parts of becoming a public company. So, please refrain from posting questions or comments about our registration statement, valuation, and other material financial topics, as we'll have to archive these posts.