*Coffee Chat Invite* Let’s network about Learning Design on June 16th

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*Coffee Chat Invite* Let’s network about Learning Design on June 16th

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Instructors! 


It’s now June and we have a new theme for you all, Learning Design! Each instructor has their own methods for designing their courses and we want to hear about your experiences. We’d love for you to stop by our coffee chat and network with fellow instructors while sharing your experience on designing your learning experience!


What is a virtual coffee chat? 


The community virtual coffee chats are hour-long informal networking sessions held via Zoom. During these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to network with and get to know other Udemy instructors worldwide.


How does it work?


June’s theme is learning design, so for the first 30 minutes, we will discuss various questions and scenarios about how you go through the process of designing your learning experience for your students. Then we will open the floor for some questions you may have for other instructors regarding your audio/video expertise.


How do I sign up?


Glad you asked! You can sign up for the coffee chat here!


We look forward to seeing you on Friday, June 16th at 9:30am PT! 



*We understand that this time may not be ideal for all time zones, however, we will change the times of the coffee chat each month to accommodate different locations.