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Coffee Chat Recap - SEO

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there instructors! 


Last month, we had the opportunity to host our monthly networking session and we wanted to share what we went through. There was a lot of great information within the networking event covering SEO! Through our time together, we asked a couple of questions about instructor’s experience in SEO and here is a recap of what we discussed. 


Question 1: How do you choose keywords for your online courses?


  1. Finding a niche and utilizing Udemy's marketplace insights tool to discover relevant search terms within that niche. They iterate through different keywords to find ones with a high potential for course creation.


  1. Using keywords closely related to their course subjects but express interest in learning about tools available on Udemy to find the most searched terms.


  1. Using both Udemy's marketplace insights and generative AI tools to identify effective keywords for course creation.


  1. Using Udemy's marketplace insights, Google search, and tools like ChatGPT and SE Ranking to find high-demand keywords.
  2. Additional strategies highlighted include using tools like Kindlepreneur, analyzing keywords from competitive courses in the same niche, and considering words used by potential students to describe course content.



Question 2: What’s your process for creating compelling course titles?


  1. Evaluating multiple title options to find the most compelling one.


  1. Experiment with using specific phrases as keywords and hashtags in titles and marketing materials.


  1. Including the current year in titles for relevancy.


  1. Indicating course level and content type (theory-based or practical) in titles.


  1. Adding phrases like "ABC course for beginners" to reach a broader audience.
  2. Observing the increasing use of AI tools like ChatGPT in crafting course titles, indicates a shift in approaches over time.



Thanks to everyone who has joined the coffee chat! If you weren’t able to join, be sure to keep an eye out for the next one! We host coffee chats every month and we will announce the next one soon!





Mentor Mentor

Hi @RyanJaress 

It's great to hear that SEO was a topic of discussion, as it's such an important aspect of online visibility.


I couldn't attend this time, but I'd love to catch up on the insights shared during the event. Is there any chance to get access to the videos or materials from the session?


Thank you for sharing the recap!


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