Follow-up: delayed delivery of August payouts and UB Revenue Report [Fixed]

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Follow-up: delayed delivery of August payouts and UB Revenue Report [Fixed]

Community Manager
Community Manager

Update (11:00 am PT, October 13) Good news! This issue has now been fixed and you should be able to see your September UB revenue normally. Additionally, as promised, our official documentation on the payment schedule for Udemy Business has been properly updated. Thank you once again for your patience!


Update (16:30 pm PT, October 12) The financial figures (the human-involved part that makes it unfeasible to provide reporting immediately after the month closes) are finalized. The system that calculates each instructor’s share of the pot, including applying withholding tax and co-instructor splits, has been impacted by the same migration work that impacted the payout of August earnings. Our team is working to resolve this issue as swiftly as possible, and we apologize again for the delay. 


Update (15:20 pm PT, October 12) The Engineering team just informed us that they have attempted multiple fixes, and unfortunately, the process of updating the Revenue Report failed. A larger change is scheduled to be deployed tomorrow morning, so it's unlikely we'll have a resolution before then. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience. As more information about this technical issue becomes available, we will keep you posted.


Update (11:30 am PT, October 12) Our team has been alerted about a delay in the Udemy Business Revenue Report and is currently working on a solution. We will also be updating our documentation to be more clear about when Udemy Business earnings are posted to the Revenue Report to set better expectations for the future. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and cooperation as our team looks into this. We will update you in this thread if there are any new announcements.


Hi all,


I'm writing to provide an update on the delay that affected the most recent instructor payout. 


As we reported Friday, we encountered a number of problems in delivering August payouts, ultimately resulting in payment being issued early Saturday, October 8 versus our expected date of October 7. Instructors using direct US bank transfer for payout have seen a further delay, since money sent by Udemy isn't distributed by banking partners outside of operating hours (including weekends), and Monday the 10th was a US bank holiday. We've received confirmation from our banking partner that these payments are set to be delivered today, Tuesday the 11th.


Some of you asked for an explanation of what went wrong this month. The root cause of the delay was a series of setbacks with migration from our legacy payments system to a new one. This new system will ultimately enable quicker payment processing, as well as open up the door for potential payout improvements in the future, such as automated reattempts of failed payouts. Unfortunately, despite testing conducted before the day of payout, we encountered challenges with this first live use of the new system. Furthermore, because this was our first time using it, we had several additional steps and checks to ensure payouts were delivered correctly, so each issue took more time than usual to resolve and re-check.


We take our responsibility to get you paid accurately and on time seriously, and we're sincerely sorry it didn't happen this time. We look forward to delivering a smooth, timely payout of September earnings next month.


Teach on,
Katie & the Instructor Team