Historical course engagement data now available (and more!)

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Historical course engagement data now available (and more!)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone,


Last month, we were excited to announce a suite of upgrades to the Performance dashboard, including device usage reporting, load time improvements, and of course–Udemy Business insights. We mentioned then that there were still a few items coming, and today, those items are here!


  • Course engagement historical reporting: We know how important it is for you to understand your learner engagement in context. With only a year's worth of engagement data available, it can be difficult to figure out what's a seasonal trend vs. a real change in performance. You asked many times for us to provide more historical data to help you make sense of your course engagement trends. Good news: it's finally arrived.

    To help you understand your course performance in context, we're now providing course engagement data as far back as October 2020. If you select the "12+ months" dropdown, you'll be able to see all the available historical performance of your course engagement. So, if your course welcomed learners before October 2020, the data will start there; if your course was published after that point, you'll be able to see all historical data for it.


  • Engagement data for Practice Test-only courses: Previously, if you had a Practice Test-only course, you were unable to select it within the Course Engagement page, and you couldn't view learner time spent on it over time. Now, we've enabled reporting for these types of courses, so you can see how much time learners are spending on them week over week, month over month, and now year over year.


We hope these improvements continue to help you understand and improve your course performance. We now look ahead toward new insights to enable you to teach more effectively, including visibility into learner engagement with on-site practice activities.


As always, we welcome your thoughts and questions here in the Community.


Teach on,


Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Thank you! This is fantastic news. For those who may be newer instructors, you should know that some of us have been begging and being a nuisance about this for a long time. I am very happy to see it materialize. I am looking over my courses from the twelve month and longer view and recognizing some really important trends that I could not see before. Let me give a couple examples from my courses. It doesn't matter which ones. 


Course A. Here is the old twelve month only view followed by the longer view. Think about the "meaning" you can derive from the 12 month only, versus the longer data set. Totally different



Course A - 12 month only.jpgCourse A - Long term data.jpg

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Here is another example. This is one of my oldest courses. Look at the 12 month data and then the longer data set. Again, very different meaning. 

Course B - 12 month only.jpgCourse B - longer term.jpg


Hi  Udemy Team,

Thank You for this feature that shows Last 12+ months in Course Engagement.
This  feature will be of great help.

I have a small suggestion / request .
If possible in the next version  along with these  drop down selection like
Last 7 days,
Last 30 days,
Last 12 months,
Last 12+ months 

Can we have two date pickers that is From Date  and End Date.
I mean to say that the user can select the required date range as per his / her requirement.

For example:

If we select : Last 30 days.
We will be able to see data from 16 March to 14 April

But as a instructor in case I want to see the learners course engagement for the entire March month. (That is 01st March 2023 to 31st March 2023).  In this case the date range feature will be helpful.

If possible can you provide similar feature for the menu : Traffic and Conversion.

Thanks Again for this new feature.

Thanking You

Sarita Jadhav
(From Sarita's TeachDesk) 

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Sarita_Jadhav Right now, we do not have that feature available, though I could certainly see how it would be valuable for you, given the use case that you described. I’m going to pass along your thoughts and needs to our product team here just in the chance that this becomes something that we might build out in the future. 


Eliana Cerna

Udemy Community Moderator 


Thank You @ElianaC  for the response

Mentor Mentor

Thanks @Bella  and Udemy team ,

This is super useful

Can we have a similar feature for Traffic and conversion as well.

It would be absolutely amazing! 


Thank you


Specialist Specialist

A lot of sweet stuff really, I even noticed that each IP Address instructors use to access their accounts could be seen easily by instructors too now. Or may be it has been there and that I'm just seeing it, it's cool. 

More grease to your elbows, guys.  You are simply on fire. Thank you.