Meet your new community moderator, Bella

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Meet your new community moderator, Bella

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! My name is Bella and I am your new Community Moderator.

I have been working with Social Media Management for 7 years. I myself was a student at Udemy before I joined the team and I've learned so much from my instructors so I’m really excited to meet an entire community of inspiring and dedicated instructors who have been working tirelessly to help Udemy change lives through learning.


My main goals here are to make sure that all your questions and concerns are properly addressed, delivering great service, quality, and empathy in all of our communication.

I’m really looking forward to hearing your ideas on how we can achieve those goals. I’m also interested to hear what your goals are! So given everything I’ve just said, let me ask you:


What are your goals for this year? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from each one of you.


See you soon!