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New Month New Theme - AI

Community Manager
Community Manager



Hey Instructor Community!


November is here and that means there’s a new theme for the instructor community, AI! There have been a LOT of discussions revolving around this subject and we are excited to finally cover it! Generative AI is here and is a game changer for a lot of different aspects.


To kick things off, we’d love to hear from you.

How have you used AI so far as an online instructor?


Share your comments below 👇.

Toby S.
Trailblazer Trailblazer

Hi Ryan,


Personally, I haven't tried it, and I really hope it doesn't become the usual thing.


Here's why I'm concerned:

  1. If everyone starts using AI, there could be way too many courses in every subject. It might get confusing for people trying to find the right one.

  2. If AI is used a lot, some people might start thinking that Udemy courses aren't as trustworthy or real. It could affect the reputation of the platform.

  3. Instead of having real experts, there's a chance AI could take their place. That might mean courses aren't as good or accurate, since they would be made by instructors that have no clue about the subjects.

  4. If there are tons of AI-made courses, it might be hard to find the good ones. They could get lost, and that's not good for instructors and learners.

I think it's important to find a balance between trying new things and making sure courses stay high-quality.

Take care,

Mentor Mentor

I’m using text to speech on my newsletter, and audio to speech on my podcast. That is ai making transcribing a few clicks away. The platform made these tools available as I suddenly saw them on my dashboard. 

I like the speech to text because when I speak I say things unedited. I’ve heard of people writing books this way. If udemy provided software to turn my videos into text on the platform, I would definitely try it out.


Yes . Microsoft Generative AI ( Microsoft Copilot ) i m using . I also have developed course for this on Udemy.

Generative AI is pretty exciting, mainly because it lets non-technical folks use a technology that's been evolving over the last few decades (e.g., machine learning techniques and neural networks).


To be honest, it seems there's so many voices / thoughts on AI and I think students need to know who is the most authoritative source on this topic. I have been using AI tools in a personal capacity to see how they work and how they might not work. I realized that giving the generative AI an assignment (e.g., drafting) is similar to giving an assistant or a paralegal (a human) an assignment.


So I've thought back to managerial techniques I had to use to help setup my team for success. Those same approaches seem to be working with AI as well. I think a fresh perspective that analogizes AI to our area of core knowledge or expertise can help bring a new fresh perspective. Also, teachers will be an authority in their space more so than AI in a vacuum.


I would encourage teachers on here to experiment and see if you can analogize to something you already do in your teaching, field, or primary work. How can you take your insights and apply it to AI so that it does a better job?

Specialist Specialist

I have tried using the free version of Chatgpt to try and give me reference research studies with their research journal links, but the inaccuracies in the results were quite horrendous ! So I never attempted it after that. 


I use ChatGPT extensively. It helps smooth out ideas (I give it prompt and a bullet points of what I want to say), it does turn the basis script to something more professional and in proper English. I like that I can adjust the tone to make it more professional or more friendly, or adding a touch of humor. I think this tool is great, and the quality depends on what information and prompt you feed to it. 


I use AI ALL the time, in all facets of my life. It just makes me work more efficiently. I am trying to use it as the "narrator" in my courses. I have voice issues and having an avatar speak for me makes things so much easier.

Toby S.
Trailblazer Trailblazer

@EBHealthCoach Isn't using an AI voice against the udemy guidelines?


It is, as I recently found out. I struggle with that because I've watched some instructors on Udemy that are incredibly distracting because of their delivery or backgrounds....or, in a course I'm in right now, the microphone in the shot is really annoying to look at. (And I also have voice issues - so I need to figure this out, I guess!)

Storyteller Storyteller

I have created a course on using ChatGPT for data analysis.  I think that its quite transformative in the ability to do data analysis by asking straight forward questions without having to learn difficult complex formulas or coding - thus making it much easier for a wide range of people to do more advanced data analysis.

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

The future is AI but we should not rely on it completely. A great tool, I know this is going to get big but in a bad way as well. A lot of fake courses, plagiarism, incorrect data...