Reminder: updated business terms take effect May 3

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Reminder: updated business terms take effect May 3


Hi everyone,


In March, we pre-announced updates to the Instructor Terms and Promotions Policy designed to help continue our investment in growth. These changes included:


  • Updated revenue share percentages for sales driven through channels such as Udemy Organic and Udemy Ads. Rather than assigning a different rate to sales attributed to Udemy Organic or paid channels such as Ads and Affiliates, we'll introduce one "blended" rate for sales not driven by instructor promotions.
  • Consistent application of a service and administration fee across markets and sale types. Where the 3% service and administration fee in the current terms was previously only applied to sales on certain devices or markets, it will be applied on all sales where Udemy processes payment.
  • The retirement of the Marketing Boost as a standalone program. Previously Udemy only paid for direct, external promotion for courses whose instructors opted into the Marketing Boost program. Moving forward, we'll consider all courses for paid marketing. As before, a course's performance and engagement will factor into the kind of marketing it receives.


We wanted to remind you that these changes will take effect next week. Starting May 3, you'll see sales in your revenue report split according to the updated rates. Previous sales will not be affected.


You can review the original announcement in the Teaching Center. Feel free to ask questions here in the Community


Teach on,

The Udemy Instructor Team