Supporting Asian and Pacific Islander Communities in the Udemy Community

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Supporting Asian and Pacific Islander Communities in the Udemy Community

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone,


In May this year, in the US and beyond, celebrations of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month stand in stark contrast to an alarming trend: anti-Asian hate crimes have risen sharply over the last year, with nearly 3,800 incidents reported in the US alone.


The Udemy community includes millions of Asian and Pacific Islander learners, instructors, and employees. We're committed to building a platform that is welcoming for everyone, where students can learn and instructors can teach without the impediments of racism, bias, and white supremacy. 


In these forums, instructors and Udemy create the Community together every day. We'll continue to uphold our Community Guidelines as they pertain to anti-Asian prejudice or any other form of intolerance. We encourage you to consider ways to ensure your students feel included when learning from you. Inclusion efforts could be the language you use, the illustrations you choose, and the support you offer.

We look forward to creating a supportive, welcoming space with you, and working together to create new possibilities for learners around the world. For resources on API support and more on our commitment, visit the Udemy blog.

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Thanks to Udemy. Very much appreciated.