Supporting marketplace health with a new program

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Supporting marketplace health with a new program

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Udemy marketplace is home to tens of thousands of instructors and courses, and we strive to provide an opportunity for success for each one.


In order to increase the discoverability of quality courses, improve site performance, and support overall marketplace health, we've introduced a marketplace maintenance program to periodically audit and unpublish nonperforming, outdated content. This helps us surface the freshest, most relevant courses to prospective learners, and creates more room in the marketplace for new courses and instructors.


Content will only be flagged for removal if it has had little to no recent traction with new students, low historical traction, and no recent updates. Instructors with at-risk content will be notified via email and through their instructor dashboard. Before the content is unpublished, they'll have a chance to address outstanding issues and keep their course open to new enrollers.


Our goal with this program is to ensure the Udemy marketplace can continue to support the fresh, high-quality content instructors publish every day. You can read the details about this new program in our Help Center, and ask any general questions about it below.