Top Priority Topics for Q1 2023

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Top Priority Topics for Q1 2023

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there instructors,


We’re excited to share with you our updated Udemy Business Priority Topic list for Q1 2023! 


This quarterly-updated list was created by our Udemy Business Content Strategy Team by examining topic demand and requests from our customers, reviewing industry trends, and closely reviewing our current offerings.


Feel free to take a look at the list and see if there are any courses that you can create! 


Please note that courses created on these topics will still be required to meet Udemy Business course quality criteria in order to be added to the Udemy Business collection. 


At this time, our Content Strategy Team is only sharing priority topics for the Udemy Business English collection. However, we are working to make updates to the list in the future that will enable us to share insights into Udemy Business priority topics for other language collections as well.