Upcoming leadership changes at Udemy: A note from Gregg Coccari

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Upcoming leadership changes at Udemy: A note from Gregg Coccari

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello everyone! We wanted to share a note from Udemy CEO Gregg Coccari:


Dear Instructors,


Happy new year! As always, we enter this year grateful for your leadership, knowledge and partnership. Our instructors are critical in Udemy’s ability to deliver on our mission to improve lives through learning. 


Together, we are providing agile skills development for over 57 million learners worldwide, and over 13,400 enterprise customers, including 51 of the Fortune 100. 


And we are just getting started. 


To that end, we are excited to share with you some news regarding the next chapter of leadership for Udemy. We announced these changes this afternoon, and wanted you to be among the first to know. 


I have decided to retire as Chairman and CEO of Udemy at the end of February, and will be succeeded by Greg Brown, who has served as President of Udemy Business (UB) since 2020. Together, we are committed to a smooth transition and – as always – will welcome your feedback along the way so we can continue to help you to scale your teaching businesses and your impact on learners around the world. 


Greg shares my passion for learning, and is especially excited about the way we can apply technology to democratize education through the incredible combination of our consumer marketplace plus the UB platform. As president of Udemy Business, Greg proved himself a tireless and impactful leader, with the ability to build large, global, high-performing teams to grow our business and develop learner experiences that provide tangible value for learners and organizations alike. 


I know you will find Greg to be a passionate, curious, and focused leader, committed to helping grow your success working with Udemy. Please join us in celebrating this next milestone in Udemy’s journey. Thank you for your continued partnership and support. 


Yours in learning,