Upcoming pricing adjustments for the Turkish market

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Upcoming pricing adjustments for the Turkish market

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi instructors,


As some of you know and have mentioned here in the Community, the economy in Turkey has been undergoing steep inflation in recent months. We've been tracking these developments in the news and on the ground with our Turkish team members, as well as hearing feedback from instructors on the declining value of the Turkish Lira.


Our goal with course pricing is always to find the price range and promotional strategy that brings education within reach for learners while maximizing return for instructors and Udemy. We make any adjustments thoughtfully and based on data. 


In this case, based on our research and the perspectives provided by instructors and Udemates in Turkey, we'll be adjusting our general pricing strategy in the region to better match the current economic conditions. Starting in January, you'll see upward adjustments of 20-30% in course prices for the Turkish market on Udemy.


We'll continue to monitor developments in this market to determine if further adjustments are necessary to maintain momentum in the region. We appreciate your continuing feedback and your support of all our learners, instructors, and teammates in Turkey.


Teach on,

The Udemy Instructor Team