Upcoming tests: Udemy deal codes and instructor coupons

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Upcoming tests: Udemy deal codes and instructor coupons

Community Manager
Community Manager

We continue to develop our pricing and promotions systems to help maximize course earnings and support marketplace health. As part of these efforts, we’re looking to better understand the ways students select and apply promotion codes. 


Over the next several weeks, a number of tests may affect the way learners in select markets redeem Udemy deal codes and instructor coupons. Paid instructor coupon codes will continue to function normally via coupon link or manual entry on the Shopping Cart page. In certain cases, learners in select markets may be blocked from redeeming free coupons based on factors such as the rate of redemption of the coupon, or may need to enter a code in the Shopping Cart (versus entering it on the course landing page).


To ensure a smooth experience for your students:

  • Use coupon links to promote your course instead of distributing a code for manual entry. Today, nearly 95% of successful coupon code applications occur this way.
  • If you do provide a manual code, encourage students to apply it in the Shopping Cart versus on the course landing page.
  • If students contact you about difficulty redeeming a coupon, direct them to Udemy Support.


We’ll use the results of these tests to inform future improvements to the discount code system for both instructors and Udemy. 


Thank you for continuing to improve the lives of students around the world by teaching on Udemy.