We’d love to see your recording space!

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We’d love to see your recording space!

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Share your recording space with us and you may get featured in an upcoming course.
One of the most popular topics & questions we get from new instructors is around what type of recording equipment is most frequently used by published instructors.
We‘re currently updating some of our resources and would love to include pictures from YOUR recording setup. 
Show us where you record your talking head or screencast videos, how you get good audio quality, your lighting setup, and any other hacks you may have come up with along the way. See some of our previous No-Shame Hacks
Please share with us by posting to this discussion:
  • High resolution photo(s) of your recording set up
  • A brief description of how you set everything up
  • (optional) If you have any advice for new instructors about your recording setup – anything you’ve learned with your A/V setup that has been helpful or improved your recording quality
  • (optional) Any A/V advice for new instructors who are getting started with creating their course
Thank you so much for sharing with us! We can’t wait to see where you record your courses! 
Please note, by sharing your images in the instructor community, you agree that Udemy may use those images in accordance with our Privacy Policy, including featuring them in marketing materials. Not all entries will be used in our resources.
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OK, so here is my studio/office at the risk of revealing my mess!


So, these require some explanation. The first and second photo are the same, except the second has my video lights on. I can't emphasize how important the lighting is. I use six Generay LED lights. It took me several courses and many hours of frustration to get this right. The placement is critical. There are two at 45deg angles in front of me. There are two that are to each side of me but only lighting the green screen to give an even light. Finally there are two over my shoulders and point to the back of my head. These remove the halo. The camera is a Nikon Z6 with wireless Sony  UTX-B03 mic. This is a relatively expensive mic system ($550) but I screwed around with cheaper units and had all kinds of problems. This one is terrific. The receiving unit is mounted on top of the camera and I wear the transmitting unit which you can in the final photo. The third photo is my desk where I edit using Adobe Premiere Elements software. The final photo is a clip from course I am working on right now. That is what the end product looks like. 


Let me know if you have any questions. 

VideoStudio_005.JPGVideoStudio_006.JPGVideoStudio_004.JPGVideo Product.JPG

Nice set up. Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to dig out my green screen!

Woh, that's nice. All the best.

My set up is no way near as complex as @LawrenceMMiller's, although I manage to get some good video quality out of it.

I'm a big fan of keeping things simple.

Set up-min.PNG


(Yep, I literally balance my backdrop on some bar chairs!)

Backdrop: £39
Lights: £59

Clip on mic: £10
Camera: I literally use my iPhone 12 Pro camera 


A lot of beginners overcomplicate the camera issue IMO, the latest smart phones have amazing cameras in them so why not just get the best smartphone and kill 2 birds with one stone?

Once my video editor is finished with it, this it the final outcome.





Hi All,


Here is my own recording setup.


Being a Sound Engineer, and teaching about sound engineering, all recordings tend to take place in my recording studio.


My wife does all the camera and video work. She uses a Canon EOS 70D. The lights are Yongnuo YN300 Air, which are relatively cheap, but work very well for our purposes set to their brightest setting.


The Mic is an Audio Technica 4033A (on a boom stand, left of picture) and is my favourite VO mic. I've also used the Sennheiser EW100 wireless system which sounds great as well. The microphone goes through a dedicated mic Pre-amp, from the Pre-amp into the Motu 828 Mark 3 Audio Interface, and from there into the computer. I recently purchased a Rode NTG2 Shotgun mic as we plan on recording outside the studio too, so a shotgun mic will be more suitable for this.


The Canon is featured in these photographs (with the YN300 lights switched on and off) so the quality of these demo photos is not good enough to use in any courses, but just to give you an idea of our set-up. The lights are used to light my face evenly, rather than to change the atmosphere of the whole room.


If anyone has any questions I'm more than happy to answer them.


With lightsWith lightsWithout lightsWithout lights

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Be it ever so humble; here is my set-up. 

Due to my curly hair, I have to be some distance away from the green screen otherwise I have an ethereal glow about me!

Audio - I commonly use my Rode Wireless Go for my courses and I have a Rode Podcaster which I use for Instagram and YouTube.

Film-wise I have a Sony Handycam, various tripods, one for holding my iPad for the Teleprompter App. Sometimes I film from the iMac for an alternate angle shot.

Lighting - I love the orange ring light - almost no makeup required and the wrinkles seem less (or is that not wearing glasses!)

Editing I have a 27-inch screen iMac which allows me to duel screen or have one giant one with the latest Screenflow.

A simple set-up is a smallish room that doubles as my office, bits and pieces room and works for me.