Welcome and Congratulations Messages Enabled

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Welcome and Congratulations Messages Enabled

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Instructors - 

We have reenabled the welcome and congratulations messages for free and paid courses on the marketplace and Udemy for Business. These messages were previously turned off due to the unprecendeted surge in traffic and enrollments our site experienced earlier this year. Our engineers are continuously monitoring the systems to ensure site stability. 


Please let us know if you have any questions!


It was great feature 

Wow!! So glad to hear this. Smiley Happy

Great that it is back

One (unintended) consequence of shutting down the automatic messaging system was that several of my recent students seemed unaware that there was a messaging system available to them. I had several messages like this (eventually):

Hi Barry,

Thank you so much for sharing the info on how to message the instructor. Although I have already completed around 4 courses on Udemy, I wasn't aware that a message could be sent directly to the instructor. Thanks again for that.

Thanks again,

Best Regards,

So maybe if Udemy have to shut the automatic messages off again they could ensure that they make students aware that there actually is a messaging system

Community Manager
Community Manager

@BarryMapp - thanks for the feedback! I've passed this along internally.